Parking Panda Android app finally Released

parking panda android app

Parking Panda recently announced they have released an app for Android smartphones on Google Play.  The Baltimore based parking service has long had an app available for Apple iOS devices but Android smartphone users were left out.  Fortunately for us that is not the case anymore.

Some of you might be thinking, “What is Parking Panda?”  I first wrote about the innovative parking service back in October of 2011.  (Man… that feels like a long time ago.)  Essentially the idea is that you have a parking space you want to rentout and earn some extra cash on, you can go onto the website or app and it allows you to list your parking spot easily.  Additionally if you need parking you can go use Parking Panda to find a space near a Convention Center or ballpark when parking gets crowded.

The parking service is currently in over 20+ cities across the country.  The latest cities Parking Panda added includes Houston and Dallas.  In addition they have partnerships with many garages as well as private parking space owners.  Parking Panda recently became the official parking sponsor of the Verizon Center in Washington DC.

This is a smart since this allows parking garage operators to better anticipate and sell their spaces in advance.  This saves people time looking for a space and probably makes the garage more money I assume.  (Although originally the idea behind Parking Panda was that the service would be for individuals.)

I was one of the first people to download the Parking Panda Android app it seems to work pretty well.  I might use Parking Panda when I need to find a parking spot in Philadelphia for Affiliate Summit soon.  I haven't decided whether to drive or take the train into Philly.  The train will be more relaxing but parking will be easy with the Parking Panda Android app. 🙂

Parking Panda not only has added cities but I've noticed the site is faster and more intuitive since it launched 2 years ago.  Hopefully Nick Miller and Adam Zilberbaum, the co-founders, will continue to make additional improvements to Parking Panda and make parking less of a pain for everyone.


What? Men Pay More Than Women for Auto Insurance!

auto insurance
This can Happen to the Best of Us!

What? Men Pay More Than Women for Auto Insurance!

In preparation to write this story, I did an Internet search for “men or women” and the auto-complete feature suggested “better drivers” as the top choice. Apparently, I am far from the only person who seeks answers to the age-old question of who makes better drivers — men or women? As my headline suggests, the news isn't good: Men have poorer driving records than women and, therefore, we pay more for auto insurance.

Men vs Women: Driving

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), men drive more miles and are more likely to engage in risky behavior such as speeding, not wearing seat belts and driving under the influence. I know I'm being a real downer, and here's one more stat you won't like: Accidents that involve men drivers tend to be more severe. In 2010, motor vehicle deaths with male drivers behind the wheel were over 22,902 in the U.S.; while deaths involving women drivers were much lower at 9,979.

That's just a fact, and where you live greatly affects how much men may pay in premiums.  (For instance living in Baltimore city vs Baltimore county is a huge difference!) That doesn't mean men can't find coverage that is inexpensive  it just means they have to do a little bit more homework. Many auto insurance companies lower rates for safe-driving records.  Keep a clean-driving record or move to a city or state where it's cheaper to drive with insurance to help decrease premiums.  Driving eco-friendly hybrid or electric vehicles can also result in lower auto insurance rates.  Along with many auto insurance providers, Kemper is full of great online resources to help you find a better deal.

Shop Online Insurance Providers

Some online sources offer monthly payments significantly lower than traditional providers. Of course, there's an app for that: Apps that find and price insurance on your smart phone simplify the process, as they can run the numbers and provide comparisons from wherever you are.  As with so many things nowadays, there are apps for this.  The Cheap Car Insurance Finder helps find you insurance quotes and lead you to the right coverage.  If you want another app be sure to read user reviews to find the best app for you.

You Have to Shop Around

Don't grab at the first policy that looks good on paper. Some insurance companies may not charge you up-front for your policy but might get you on the backside through the deductible. Read the fine print. Know what your deductible is, what your payments will be, how often you have to make those payments and what is actually covered in the event of an accident. Don't get caught holding your pants up with rope because your policy doesn't cover medical bills or damage to the other driver's vehicle.

Look for Discounts

If you are a homeowner, combine homeowners' policies with auto insurance and bundle premiums. Your age, your career, whether you have a clean-driving record, who else will be driving your car, and a host of other factors affect how much you pay and and the total amount of your discounts. Young male drivers are more expensive that young teenage women drivers, so letting your son drive your vehicle will cost you more.

The good news is in the last five years, the number of fatal automobile accidents involving both men and women drivers has decreased about 75 percent, according to the IIHS. Unfortunately, that's not reflected in our premiums. The Insurance Research Council looked at claim payouts in Michigan, which has the highest premiums in the country, and reported that while the number of accidents has decreased, the payouts have increased. Twenty-two percent of 2011 payouts were more than $250,000; in 2002, only 5 percent of payouts exceeded $250,000.