VW Teaser Video “Sunny Side” with Youtube Stars

This is another Super Bowl 2013 VW Commercial, well teaser video, which I think it really is funny.  It shows a bunch of Youtube Stars (if that's what you call them) having freakouts over something.

At the end of the video all the Youtube Stars are getting together and trying to “Get Happy” with Jimmy Cliff.  Some of the videos I had never seen of heard of but it still was funny.

The best part of the teaser video is that you don't realize it's and ad for VW until the end.  I found in entertaining, distracting, and memorable.  Three components in my opinion of a what a great commercial and particularly Super Bowl 2013 commercial should be.

Btw… if anyone from VW is reading this did you know I have two Singing Dogs?  I think they would be great in a Super Bowl commercial.  🙂

Got a opinion about this VW “Sunny Side” Teaser Video?  Let me know in the comments below!

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