Shelby Clark stepping down from RelayRides


Shelby Clark, the Founder and Chief Community Officer, of the revolutionary peer-to-peer car sharing network RelayRides has announced he is stepping down from his role at the company.  He will remain on the Board of Directors for RelayRides though.  Mr.Clark sent out this Tweet on his Twitter feed yesterday;

For those that don't know RelayRides allows people to rent out their personal vehicles to individuals.  To some this might sound a bit crazy, but for those follow this blog you might remember that I wrote about Relay Rides opening up the service nationally.   From what Shelby Clark told me he and others enjoyed using RelayRides and it has benefited many people who don't have easy access to cars.  They are other services like ZipCar but you need to drop off and pick-up those cars at specific locations while with RelayRides a neighbor can rent you their personal vehicle.

I have not heard what Shelby Clark's next plans are but I am sure whatever he does he will do great considering his success at RelayRides.


Lincoln Tries Innovate Twitter Generated Super Bowl Ad, but Fails [Video]

For Lincoln's Super Bowl commercial the automaker tried a completely new and innovative approach to advertising, they asked the public to make it using Twitter.  You could send Tweets to Jimmy Fallon using the hashtag “#SteerTheScript” to make part of the story for this Super Bowl commercial for the 2013 Lincoln MKZ.  If you think this sounds like not such a good plan, or you think it sounds awesome, just watch below and find out.

Unfortunately a lot of great ideas fail and this was one of them.  I guess it's hard to blame Lincoln since the commercial's story and ideas were generated by Tweets to Jimmy Fallon.  However, it was their idea to do this for the 2013 Lincoln MKZ.  Next time Lincoln spends millions of dollars on advertising I hope the commercial is better than this Twitter generated one.

Maybe I don't get this since I am not under 20 years old, but hopefully young enough to understand when the internet shouldn't be used to make a commercial.

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