My New Toshiba Portege Laptop!

Last night I got something really awesome in the mail, my new Toshiba Portege Laptop.  This thing is awesome!  I am using it now to type this post!  My Toshiba Portege is super light, fast, thin, and has a good responsive keyboard, which is perfect for an auto journalist and blogger.

One drawback is it my Toshiba Portege does not have a dedicated graphics card.  However it's got lots of other great features like an build in SD slot which I have already used!   As well there is an HDMI port, and DVD/CD burner.

If you are considering buying a Toshiba Portege and have any questions about it, please leave a comment below.


My New Business Cards

Business Card

Adam's Auto Advice has some new official business cards!  I can give them out at car shows, events, as well as family, friends, etc.  Basically whoever is interested in my work.

I am happy with design and how the overall look of the cards came out.  I ordered through OfficeMax, but they use Vistaprint's system. Officemax was cheaper though because Vistaprint charges a lot for shipping!  Vistaprint was $15 for 7-day shipping, while Officemax had Free Shipping for these cards.  Officemax charged more for the cards, but it came out less expensive because of the shipping.  I assume Vistaprint makes a lot of money charging ridiculous shipping prices.

I paid a little over $40 for this batch of 500, which was not a good deal at all.  While I like the image and look of the card, the paper is thin.  Like cardstock you would have bought from the store and printed at home.  The cut on some of the cards did not come out well.  I don't really feel like I got my money's worth with Vistaprint.

I did some checking around and found other websites with much better deals and quality.  A lot offer free shipping on any order and proofing.  If you are looking around for business cards or thinking you might want to get some in the future, I would recommend signing-up for emails from a couple printing websites.  You will be notified of special promotions and sales, which makes a big difference in cost.  I will use these cards up and then ordered from another website.

I would like to hear comments and suggestions from people.  What do you think of my business cards?  Do you like or dislike the design?