Premature Brake Wear

A few days ago my Mom complained that her Van was making “A loud noise!”  I took it around the block, and after hearing Screeeeech coming from the front….. I immediately knew it needed new Brakes.

Yesterday I replaced the Front Pad and Rotors.  Pictured below you can see I clearly marked the Left- Side and Right-Side Rotors.  As you can see in the pictures, the Left-Side Pads and Rotor were completely worn out.   You should be able to see the grooves in the Rotor, which happens when your Brake Pads wear down and are Metal to Metal.   If you notice on the Right Rotor it is smooth, the way it should be.  The Left had Premature Brake Wear, due to a seizing caliper.

Premature Brake Wear is serious.  If your Brakes get Metal to Metal, your stopping power seriously decreases.  This is a good example of what happens if you don't get your Brakes checked and maintained frequently!


 The Rotor has grooves in it, and the top Pad is seriously worn down!


 These look ok, but needed to be replaced as well!