The Shop Show 2015

the shop show

The Shop Show, formerly the Hotrod & Restoration and Restyling & Truck Accessories trade show, was held at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN March 13 – 14, 2015. This trade show is exclusively for hot rod, performance, and restyling professionals and is designed to connect shop professionals with industry manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. Besides the trade show, there was a variety of classes taught in a classroom setting or in an exhibitor’s booth, depending on the topic and nature of the training. All classes were 60 minutes in length followed by a question and answer period. Training on the trade show floor was also occurring during the show offered by select exhibitors throughout the show. Some of the more interesting things I saw and learned included:

  • I attended the Evans waterless coolant session where I learned that this coolant uses several different types of glycols to create a coolant that does not contain water.
  • I also attended a training session presented by Penn Grade High Performance oil on engine oils designed for antique and collector cars, that while they often do not meet the requirements for current engines, their oil is perfect for use in older engines.
  • On the trade show was a demonstration of wrapping a car using a Honda Civic as an example. It was cool seeing this procedure in action.
  • I ran into several people I knew, including some automotive instructors and even some former students.

It was a great day. About a 100 mile drive for me and the show itself was free, making this event a very cost effective event. It made me think that spring and car care is just around the corner.

Editor’s Note – This is article is from one of our contributors James Halderman.

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