Toyota Corollas are Forever

toyota corolla

That's right, Toyota Corollas are forever people!  That's the amazing thing about the world's best selling car of all time, they just keep going and going and won't die.

I ran across an old Washington Post article from 2010 that says that in Afghanistan most of the old Toyota Corollas from around the world and shipped there.  They can have over 200,000+ miles on them and be over 20 years old, but still go sell for 4 grand.  The expectation is you will get over 10 years of use out of a Corolla that is 20+ years old. (I have even seen 20 year old Corollas going around Baltimore!)

According to the article roughly 90% of the cars on Afghanistan roads are Corollas.  I doubt that has changed in the 3 years since the article was written.  Even if they are not cool or interesting cars, that is obviously not something you care about in a war-torn country.  Other automotive brands did used to be around in Afghanistan like Chevy, Mercedes Benz, and  Russian Volgas.  The durability and reliability of the Corolla can't be beat honestly.

What's funny is the massive importing of Corollas started with the Taliban apparently

From 1996 to 2001, when the Taliban was in power, it continued to import Corollas and earned revenue by smuggling them into Pakistan and selling them without having to pay customs fees or taxes

Even though Afghans like the Japanese brand's vehicles, the German made Toyota Corollas are the most popular.  Ahmad Murid, 30, a dealer in the northern Kabul neighborhood of Khairkana, said buyers generally prefer German-manufactured Corollas, which supposedly get the best gas mileage. White Corollas, which show less dirt than dark-colored Corollas, can bring in $1,500 more than an identical model in black, Murid commented.

If you think Diamonds are forever, better get a Toyota Corolla instead! 🙂

[Source – Washington Post]