Daughter reunites Dad with Porsche 914 he Sold for Family [VIDEO]

Kristin Russell is a fairly normal girl living in California, but something always bothered her about something her stepdad did years ago.  He owned a beautiful white 1973 Porsche 914 he sold so he could have enough money for a wedding to marry Kristin's mom.  While the Porsche 914 isn't the most spectacular vehicle that Porsche ever built it was clear that Dave, Kristin's stepdad, loved the car and enjoyed it while he had it.

She always felt bad he sold the car for the family and appreciated his sacrifice.  So what did she do for Father's Day?  She hunted down an identical 1973 Porsche 914 in Arizona bought it and had it shipped out to where her stepdad lives outside Philadelphia.  It needed some work so after it had work done at a local mechanic it was ready to be given to Dave.

Fortunately for this social media crazed world the whole thing was caught on video and posted to YouTube.  Check out the awesome story of a daughter, a father, and a Porsche 914.

Warning: Video might cause gearhead tears!

Daughter finally Reunites Dad with Beloved Porsche 914

Moral of the story?  True love always finds a way.