Idiot drives over Cop’s foot in his Ferrari 458 Italia

I've seen a lot of stupid shit and lot of people doing stupid shit in my life, but this video of a rich web entrepreneur driving over a cop's foot in his Ferrari 458 Italia might take the cake!

The man in the video is Julien Chabbott and he is trying to avoid getting a ticket in New York City by driving away in his red Ferrari 458 Italia before a cop can issue a parking ticket and place it on his car.  Chabbott isn't a careful driver though as he accidnetially drives over the cop's foot in his Ferrari 458 Italia.

In the video you can see the cop get visibly upset and he yells at Chabbot “Your on my foot!”  The cop then goes over and forcibly takes Chabbot out of the car and arrests him with the help of a fellow officer.  Chabbot was charged with assault, vehicular assault, disorderly conduct and obstruction of governmental administration.  Probably with a good lawyer though I am sure he just did some community service and got off.  (The video is from August of 2013.)

Chabbot ran a company called Line Snob, which is a smartphone app for checking wait times.  Good idea but it doesn't seem like the site is working.  At least this auto writer can't get the site to load!

The blonde girl in the video is Stephanie Pratt who is best known for being on MTV”s “The Hills.”  Something I haven't watched but a lot of people have.  At the time of the video Julien Chabbott and Stephanie Pratt were dating, but they broke up a couple months after the video.  I wonder if she realized he wasn't that smart even if he has a Ferrari 458 Italia.  At least she got to drive the Ferrari after he got arrested.

I know it sucks getting parking tickets or any tickets, but why not just let the cop give you the ticket?  If you drive Ferrari 458 Italia and have (well had) a TV star girlfriend I think you should be able to pay a parking ticket.  Some people like doing it the hard way I guess.

[Source – FoxNews]