Teens Drive Smart announces winners for 2013 video contest [VIDEOS]

Teens Drive Smart  recently announced the 3 winners for it's 2013 video contest.

Driving is Beautiful

nicole ricketts

The 1st place winner went to “Driving is Beautiful” by Nicole Ricketts.  Congrats to Nicole on winning the grand prize $25,000 dollar scholarship.  Currently she is a Junior at Hope International University and studies business administration.  “My passion is everything video, photo, graphic design, live production, tech and art. When I’m not staring at a computer screen, I can never get enough of the outdoors.” said Nicole.

Technically Almost Legal

The 2nd runner up in the Teens Drive Smart contest went to Tosh Chambers for his video “Technically Almost Legal.”  Tosh is a student at the University of Pittsburgh and studies environmental geology and film.  He received a $15,000 scholarship.

Safe Driver

The 3rd runner up went to Natalie Barrios, a student at Florida Gulf Coast University.  Natalie is studying in English with a minor in Film Studies. “I’ve always had a passion for both writing and film, and with the help of close friends I was able to learn my way around a camera and editing software.” commented Natalie.  Natalie won a $10,000 scholarship for her video.

Times to Not Text

This year the was also a Critic's Choice which went to Martha Levytsky for “Times to Not Text.”  Martha is originally from Lviv, Ukraine but moved to the US with her family when she was 4 years old.  “My discovery of and passion for filmmaking evolved not long after when I discovered movies like Jurassic Park and Robocop that filled my childhood with dreams of what I could create with moving pictures.” said Martha about her love for making movies.  Martha currently a student at Sarah Lawrence College studying, you guessed it, film and she hopes to continue to study film-making in graduate school.  Martha won a $2,500 scholarship from Bridgestone.

Over 1,800 video submissions and 8,000 votes later these are the top finalists that were chosen by Bridgestone's judges.  I think all these videos were quite creative and well thought out.  At least this is probably better than what I could have done.  I am impressed to with how the videos seem to get more and more refined  and professional each year.  Amber Cullen won the contest in 2011 and you can watch the video here.

All 10 finalists  received a set of 4-brand new Bridgestone or Firestone tires for their efforts.  (Ask for the top-of-the-line Bridgestone Potenzas if they will give them to you.)

Bridegstone has been running this contest for a few years.  Originally it was called Safety Scholars.  Last year though it was called Teens Drive Smart 2012.

What do you think of these videos for that won the 2013 Teens Drive Smart contest?  Did they deserve to win?  What do you like or not like about them?