Epic Flame Battle: Lamborghini vs McLaren

 Lamborghini vs Mclaren

Ever wondered what a Flame Battle with a Lamborghini vs McLaren would look like?  Probably not, but that's why Youtube is awesome.

This video shows a flame battle between two supercars that are favorites among the gearhead crowd, the Lamborhini Aventador and the McLaren MP4-12c.   Just as a reminder the McLaren MP4-12c is fitted with a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 that producers 616 horsepower and the the raging Lamborghini Aventador has a 6.5-liter V12 engine which produces 700 horsepower.

Which supercar will rein supereme in this supercar flame battle and make bigger and better exhaust flames?  The raging Italian or the British bombshell?  Watch the video to find out.

McLaren MP412C & Lamborghini Aventador FLAME BATTLE

Spring Event 2014. This McLaren MP4-12C from Cars and Business founder and reviewer of several television programs and automotive websites can also spit some nasty flames when it's hot! The MP4-12C has got Akrapovic exhausts for the extra brutal sound! The Aventador is stock. But we all know that every Aventador can spit flames. The result? Two crazy owners revving their Supercars to the max for an epic flameshow!

What flamethrower would be your choise?
My camera had some difficulties trying to focus at the second MP4-12C Flame scene. Too bad, but you still see the HUGE flames!

Top Gear Fan builds a McLaren F1 from Scratch [VIDEO]

Someone sent me this cool video this morning of a Top Gear fan that built a homemade McLaren F1.  Checkout the video here and let me know what you think below.

A Top Gear fanatic has completed the ultimate motor challenge – building a £5million supercar with scrap and spare parts. Amateur mechanic Jacek Mazur, 48, made his own replica McLaren F1 for just £20,000 – 250 times cheaper than the real thing. He even paid tribute to his favourite TV show by building a tiny rear seat for Top Gear co-host Richard Hammond. His previous projects have included building his own Lamborghini and a Porsche – but the British-designed McLaren F1 has been his ‘ultimate' success. They can fetch unbelievable sums and in August this year one sold for a staggering £5.1million at classic car auction Gooding & Company.

McLaren P1 clocks sub 7 minute time on the famed Nurburgring [VIDEO]

The McLaren P1 has just achieved supercar halo, a sub 7 minute time on the famed Nurburgring racetrack in Germany.  The McLaren P1 averaged speeds over 111 mph to record such a time around the 13 mile circuit.  In addition the supercar tackled more than 150 corners, 300 meters of elevation changes and cornering forces of up to 2g.  Checkout the video of the McLaren P1 breaking the speed record with McLaren Formula 1 driver, and 2009 F1 World Champion, Jenson Button.

‘The fact that the McLaren P1™ has posted a sub-seven-minute lap at the Nürburgring is unbelievably impressive…. but, as I say, for it to have recorded a sub-seven minute lap time around the Nürburgring is the icing on the cake: proof positive, backed by hard data, on the greatest racetrack of them all, that McLaren has created a genuine game-changer.” commented Jenson Button on the achievement.