Mecedes-Benz CLA Class Super Bowl Commercial with Kate Upton [Video]

Mercedes-Benz clearly put a lot of effort into their latest Super Bowl 2013 commercial which features the stunningly beautiful and buxom model Kate Upton, Usher, William Dafoe, and the Rolling Stones song “Sympathy for the Devil.”

The Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl 2013 commercial starts off with a young man sitting in a cafe. He notices across the street a billboard going up for the the new Mercedes Benz CLA Class when William Dafoe appears as the Devil and tells him, “If you make a deal with me you can have the car and everything that goes along with it.” The next sequences take you through what his life would be like if he had the Mercedes Benz CLA Class.  Kate Upton would obviously like as well as lots of other screaming girls.  (Of courses most guys would prefer Kate Upton.)  He would dance with Usher and appear on lots of magazines covers… all because he owned the CLA class and

While the Mercedes-Benz commercial is funny, entertaining, and pretty well thought out I am not sure if it is quite edgy enough to be memorable in crowded field of Super Bowl commercials this year.

 Yes, having Kate Upton helps but enough?  It seems like a commercial that you would see any day of the week.  Of course most Super Bowl 2013 commercial are going to be aired again and again on TV in the next couple months.

Let me know your opinions and thoughts about it below.  

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Tori Praver Creates the Greatest Racetrack in History

I hope everyone is enjoying Valentine's Day.  I am sure most people are enjoying roses, chocolates, cards, e-cards, and… well doing you know what!

If you didn't know the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition went on sale today.  The stunning Kate Upton made the cover.

Another stunning model, among many, in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is Tori Praver.  Her curvaceous body will make men go crazy.  Lexus has smartly capitalized on this in a very interesting way for the ad campaign for the all-new 2013 GS sedan.

In a new Youtube video Lexus features the TORI 500, showcasing a real racetrack that was inspired by the design of Tori Praver's body.  Supermodels curves are finally being put to good use.

The video shows the process of taking the pictures and making the racetrack.  Two professional race-car drivers are tasked with going around the track, in a Lexus GS of course.  They compete for a special prize, a victory lap with Tori Praver.  Winning feels great, but driving on the racetrack inspired by a supermodel with the supermodel riding shotgun, priceless!

The luxury car company also has four-page spread in the latest issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine.  As we all know guys from 13-113 go bonkers for this magazine.  Since it features some of the world's most beautiful women.

Lexus, this is genius!  Actually I would say that the Tori Praver inspired racetrack is the greatest racetrack designed in history. Please give us more supermodel racetracks!

If you want to drive the track, you can with a Tori 500 game for the iPhone.