IMPA Renewal Reminder

Just thought I would give other auto journalists, that are members of the International Motor Press Association (IMPA), a heads-up that you might want to to renew your membership.  The deadline to be included in the IMPA membership directory and roster list is January 31st, 2014.  That means if you forget to do it before the end of the month you will not be included in the booklet they send out to all IMPA members.

There are 2 ways to renew, sending a check by snail mail or online and paying with PayPal.  If you choose to renew by snail mail and want to update your contact information, make sure to include that with your check.  If you want to renew online, which I opted to do, visit and click “Members Login” in the top right of the website.  (If you don't remember your password and login credentials you can just send a quick email over to IMPA to get them.)  You will then get have to click on “Modify Your Membership Information” if you want to update your any of your contact info for the directory and there should be a button to renew on the bottom.  You will than be taken to another page to pay via PayPal and all that.  If you just want to renew I think there will be a page to click on in the Members Only part of the website but I don't remember.

I usually like to email them to confirm that the payment and updated information went through.  I did get this screen when renewing online but there were no issues with my IMPA membership renewal.


If you want to renew your IMPA membership at a later date I believe you can but part of paying to be an IMPA member is the fact you are included as a industry contact in the membership directory.  In my opinion that is one of the benefits of the membership.  Also it is important to note that all memberships start on January 31st so if you renew in the middle of the year you are wasting money on “unused” months.  I assume IMPA does this since it makes administration easier but is annoying for people that signed up in the middle of the year.  If you are not a member of IMPA, January would be the best month to join because of when the membership starts.

Anyway let me know if you renewed your IMPA membership already of if you are planning to do so.  Do you think that part of the benefit of being an IMPA member is the industry contact and roster list?  What other benefits do you get out of being part of an auto writer's organization?

I am a New International Motor Press Association Member

Sweet! Why did they send me ones for 2011 though?

For those that follow my Facebook page you might have seen that as of last week, I am a newly minted member of the International Motor Press Association (IMPA).  What does that mean?  Essentially this means I am now considered an “Auto Journalist” by an organization which is comprised of members of the automotive media and publication relations.

To join IMPA you need to show that you have been paid for articles or work relating to cars.  I sent in my application a little over a month ago.  My application went to a review board to determine whether I am in fact an auto journalist and would be eligible for membership.  As we all know that I am, they made the correct determination.  I can now tell people, “I am a member of the International Motor Press Association.” which sounds cool!