Hyundai’s Makes You Laugh with ‘Don’t Tell’ Super Bowl Ad [Video]

Hyundai's “Don’t Tell” Super Bowl commercial shows you why you don't tell your Mom certain things.  A Dad takes his kids on all sorts of adventures such as going to a scary movie, going skiing down the advanced slope, throwing toilet paper in a tree, getting junk food, going to a rock concert, and more.  

Honestly we have all been in these types of “Don't Tell” situations before whether it be a parents, siblings, friends, or a spouse.  I think the commercial was well thought out and creative.      

I guess Hyundai is really pushing the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe, since this Super Bowl spot was also for the Santa Fe.

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Hyundai’s Scores Big with “Team” Super Bowl Commercial [Video]

Hyundai really scored big with this “Team” Super Bowl commercial.  It was clever, smart, and got the message across for the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe.  It clearly shows why it’s good to have a 7-passenger SUV, because you probably need to haul around a group of gnarly kids for a football game.

This was one of my favorite Super Bowl commercials this year even when compared to other non-automotive advertisers.  (That means a lot of the sucked in case you were wondering.)

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