How to Replace an Oxygen Sensor [VIDEO]

Thought I'd share with my readers this video I made “How to Replace an Oxygen Sensor.”  While the car in the video is a Toyota Camry the process is the same on the majority of cars with 4-cylinder engines out on the road.

How to Replace an Oxygen Sensor

Technically on this Toyota Camry it is called an Air/Fuel Sensor.  It was throwing engine code P1135 Bank 1 Sensor 1, which means it was the Upstream Sensor on this Toyota Camry.

Tools I used for replacing the Air/Fuel Sensor on this Toyota Camry.

New Air/Fuel Sensor –

Metric Gearwrench Set  –

Used for getting off Exhaust Manifold Cover

Adjustable Wrench –

Magnetic Parts Dish –

Rubber Gloves –

Mechanic's Gloves –

Fender Cover –

Actron Code Scanner –