Ferraris Attract Men… NOT Women! [VIDEO]

ferrari chick magnet

Are you one of those sad auto enthusiasts and gearheads that believe supercars attract women?  Well… unfortunately you are wrong, very wrong.  Supercars at NOT chick magnets.

The car Youtuber Doug DeMuro set out to prove his point that women don't really notice a supercar, like a bright red Ferrari 360.  However, men… well we love Ferraris! 🙂

DeMuro had two of his attractive women friends, Jamie and Carli, drive around his Ferrari 360 Modena around town to see what sort of reaction they would get from both sexes.  The conclusion?  Women generally will not notice a Ferrari supercar or approach someone who is driving one.  However, guys turn to look, stare, and readily approach attractive girls driving a Ferrari.

Women Driving a Ferrari

We love supercars here on CarNewsCafe but as you can see it doesn't attract women.   Even we are smart enough to admit this.  Supercars are dude magnets, NOT chick magnets.  If you are a women looking for a date, well you know what you should go drive.  I doubt many women want to date a guy that wants to date them for their car though. 🙂

If you want cars that will attract women check our list of “10 Cars that WILL Get you Laid.”  (Of course even some cars on that list are questionably.)  Have any thoughts about this amazingly smart social expert?  Let us know with a comment below.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s wrecked Ferrari to go up for sale on eBay

cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo's wrecked and broken Ferrari 599 GTB is going up sale.  Not surprisingly the wrecked Ferrari is going up for sale on the world's largest auction site, eBay, where they seem to be able to sell anything and everything.

The current owner of the Ferrari is a garage in Strasbourg, which is located in western France.  There was an auction previously for Cristiano Ronaldo's Ferrari on eBay but it was taken down for supposed “security reasons.”  Also the authenticity came into question whether the car was actually owned by Ronaldo.

Paperwork has been submitted to eBay and the authenticity of the car has been confirmed by the world's largest auction site.  The garage's lawyer, Renaud Bettcher, told the Agence France Presse (AFP) that was “very satisfied” that the go ahead to sell the car had been given.

The Strasbourg garage acquired the red Ferrari 599 GTB from Portuguese vendor for about 33,000 euros, which is about $42,900 US dollars.  When the Ferrari was originally listed on eBay they asked for 50,000 euros (65,000 US dollars).  Bidding for the wrecked Ronaldo Ferrari reached an impressive 125,000 euros (US dollars 162,500) when the item was withdrawn from eBay.   In my opinion that is quite a lot of money for a broken and wrecked Ferrari.

Star Autos, which seems to be the dealership that sold the car to Ronaldo, originally made the complaint to eBay about the Ferrari's authenticity.  For some reason the dealership will get an undisclosed amount of money for “damages” which is estimated to be about $26,000 US dollars.  I am not sure how and why the dealership assume there are “damages” though.

No date or additional information about the sale of the Ferrari 599 GTB has been released yet.  The Ferrari will be going up for sale on eBay sometime soon and I imagine it will fetch quite a bit of money even though it is in pretty bad shape.

Cristiano Ronaldo crashed the Italian sports car into a barrier near the Manchester, UK airport back in 2009 back when he was playing for British club team, Manchester United.  This was a week before he was awarded the  the 2008 Ballon d'Or as world player of the year.  Too bad he is not still playing for Manchester United as the team got free Chevy's as part of a sponsorship deal recently.

The internationally well known Portuguese soccer player now plays for the Real Madrid, which is widely considered one of the best club teams in the world.  Ronaldo is one of highest paid soccer players in the world.

Additionally he also has a pretty smoking hot girlfriend, Irina Shayk.  Notably Irina Shayk has appeared on the cover the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and has been in many famous magazines and ad campaigns around the world.

irina shayk

I am pretty sure Ronaldo doesn't care about his wrecked Ferrari as he bought another supercar and he has Irina Shayk as a girlfriend.  Life is good at the top!

It would at least be nice if I could sell my broken and wrecked stuff for a hefty profit. I guess I just need to become a little more famous! 🙂

[Source – Business Insider]

Top Gear Unveils McLaren MP4-12C Spider

McLaren Spider MP4-12C

Attention all you high performance enthusiasts and exotic car aficionados, here’s a chance to evaluate the new 2012 McLaren MP4-12C Spider. This is particularly exciting given the number of these cars in the United States. By the time you're done with this, you'll be calling transport companies for bids on importing one of these.

Unveiling the New Model

Just over a year ago Ron Dennis of McLaren replaced the F1 with the newly designed MP4-12C. Sales had increased to over 1,000 units worldwide. Now Dennis has included a hardtop convertible dubbed the “Spider.”

Jeremey Clarkson of Top Gear was on hand in Geneva for the unveiling. Immediately it becomes evident that this car is the ultimate in eye candy. The aesthetics are such that it generates an “I have to have that” response right out of the box.

The car appears to sit low, but the 20-inch wheels fit perfectly high in the body giving the car ample ground clearance. It has huge intake vents just forward of the rear wheels which are functional because the engine uses two radiators — one on each side of the car.

A retractable spoiler adorns the rear hatch and forward of that is a killer-looking glass engine cover exposing the engine and turbo runners. It looks amazing with the Lambo doors open. And those are just a few of the high points — wait until you see the interior.

Going Inside

The interior is space-aged with a custom dash and console unlike any other car. A horseshoe-shaped panel runs vertically from the console up and around the steering wheel and down the door panel narrowing as it drops down. This contains the air vents on both sides at the top and all the switches as it continues down. Right away you will notice something missing — the gearshift. The MP4-12C has a 7-speed transmission with paddle shifters only. The color combinations accentuate the interior perfectly and the quality of the seats and panels are top notch.

What It Can Do

Now things are getting really interesting. The part that makes this dog hunt is a mid-engine 3.8-liter V8 with double overhead cams, port fuel injection and twin turbochargers. It produces an amazing 592 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and 443 pounds feet of torque. This was confirmed with a dyno test done by Straight Line.

Considering the size of the engine, it is quite an achievement. Anyone who builds racecars knows that all conventional engines have a fixed camshaft. The camshaft must be installed for either low-end torque or high rpm power. It requires a tradeoff. McLaren uses variable camshaft timing, however, to avoid trading anything. The camshafts run at low rpm to build torque. As the engine revs, a mechanism advances the camshaft to increase air and fuel flow.

The engine is also has a dry sump type oiling system. The oil is not contained in an oil pan but in an external oil tank. This allows the engine to sit lower in the cradle, effectively lowering the center of gravity. The MP4-12C goes from 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds and back to 0 in a mere 100 feet. Top speed on the Spider is 204 mph, 3 mph slower than the hard top due to the weight. And good thing too – you can't get them everywhere, so if you're not going to use car transport companies, speeds like that will make your drive across the United States a lot more efficient.

Watch Top Gear's Jeremey Clarkson’s amazing video as he pits the McLaren MP4-12C against the Ferrari 458 in a road course. As you can see in the Top Gear segment the McLaren out-handles the Ferrari 458 in the tight course due to its computer-controlled stabilization.

If you purchase a McLaren be sure to use car transport companies that specialize in hauling exotic cars. The McLaren MP4-12C is a car that competes well with the highest profile exotic cars today, and is readily recognizable as the exotic that it is.

Ferrari Unveils F12 Berlinetta, The Most Powerful Ferrari Road Car Ever

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Ferrari recently reveled it's latest automotive achievement, the F12 Berlinetta. The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta will be the most powerful Ferrari road car to date, equipped with a V12 engine that pumps out an astonishing 740-horsepower. That is an increase of 120-horses over the outgoing 599 GTB Fiorano which the F12 Berlinetta replaces. Amedeo Felisa, Ferrari's CEO, has reassured Ferrari fans that the Italian company will be sticking with V12's, even with growing environmental concerns and pressure to use smaller turbocharged engines. (Take that Prius!) However the new engine will be 30 percent more fuel efficient.

Since the F12 only weighs 3362 lbs (of course I assume that is a dry weight number) and Ferrari has used next generation alloys on the all-new aluminium spaceframe chassis, making overall rigidity increase b 20 percent, this means the F12 Berlinetta will accelerate from 0-60 mph in a ridiculous 3.1 seconds, and 0-124mph in 8.5 seconds. The top speed is 211 mph! On top of that the F12 Berlinetta laps Ferrari's Fiorano test track in just 1 minute and 23 seconds. That is faster than the much loved and coveted Ferrari Enzo can do around Fiorano.  The only current competition for the Ferrari seems to be the Lamborghini Aventador.

As with any supercar looks are key and the F12 Berlinetta does not fail in this category. The F12 takes design cues and elements from the Ferrari California and Ferrari FF, but the F12 has more sleek and muscular lines giving it a more sporty stance. Looking at pictures of the F12 is reminiscent of looking at the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition models. This is due in part to a design cooperation between Pinninfarina, the well know Italian design company, and the Ferrari Styling Center. We can only look forward to more supercar greatness from Ferrari.

Baltimore Auto Show Coverage with Pictures!

I am a bit late in posting these pictures of the Baltimore Auto Show, but better late than never.  The 2012 Baltimore Auto Show was not too much to brag about though.  There were considerably less cars this year and no luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Porsche. Baltimore being poor, I guess it isn't surprising they didn't show this year.  Also there were no exotic cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc.  Worst part of all, no tuner alley!  It was a big letdown compared to the Washington Auto Show.

While I love seeing the new models automakers are offering and what is in store for new year in the car world, I felt the recent Baltimore Auto Show showed how depressed the economy was.  Through the grapevine I heard the convention center tripled there rates, which explained most of it.  Even considering that the displays weren't anything to brag about and people were generally not having much fun it seemed.  It sort of felt like 2008 was happening in the all over again, but hey this is 2012.

I hope next year will reflect a more robust car market and economy.  Also hopefully the Convention Center will lower their rates!