My New Toshiba Portege Laptop!

Last night I got something really awesome in the mail, my new Toshiba Portege Laptop.  This thing is awesome!  I am using it now to type this post!  My Toshiba Portege is super light, fast, thin, and has a good responsive keyboard, which is perfect for an auto journalist and blogger.

One drawback is it my Toshiba Portege does not have a dedicated graphics card.  However it's got lots of other great features like an build in SD slot which I have already used!   As well there is an HDMI port, and DVD/CD burner.

If you are considering buying a Toshiba Portege and have any questions about it, please leave a comment below.


Media Credentialed for Baltimore Grand Prix

Hey Everyone, I just got some great news! I was media credentialed to go the Baltimore Grand Prix. I am sooo excited to be able to cover the event on this blog and The College Driver.  Should be a lot of fun.  If you have tickets, I look forward to seeing you there.