Toyota RAV4 Super Bowl Commercial with Kaley Cuoco [Video]

Toyota seems to have hit the sweet spot with they're Super Bowl 2013 commercial featuring actress Kaley Cuoco.  This spot titled “Wish Granted” features Kaley Cuoco as the RAV4 Genie granting the Henderson family any wish they want.

The commercial seems to have the right mix of appealing to a wide range of audiences while targeting the family market that the 2013 Toyota RAV4 is meant for.

I mean who doesn't want to be able to just wish things to happen?  As well as have a Genie do it for them?  That would be totally awesome!

Some of the other commercials are more edgy, sexy, and eye-catching but… numbers don't lie or in this case view counts.  As I am writing this the Toyota RAV4 Super Bower Commercial with Kaley Cuoco has generated over 10 million views.  As far as I can tell no other automaker has generated anywhere close to this many views for their Super Bowl commercials.

After the Super Bowl we should have a better idea of which Super Bowl commercial will have created the most buzz and brouhaha.   Toyota has pulled ahead of the other automakers for the pre-Super Bowl eyeballs and I assume this spot will continue to dominate.

Got an opinion or thought about this Toyota “Wish Granted” Super Bowl commercial?  Then let me know!

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My new Car, drive or ship?

1996 Honda Accord
Looks great for a 15-year old car!


I have great news, I am getting a new car.  Well… a “new” car to me at least.  I will be buying a 1996 Honda Accord from my Grandma in Irvine, California.  It has 120,000 miles on it, was kept in superb condition, runs and drives great.  Lucky for this car it has been in CA its whole life.  So no harsh winters, therefore no rust.  Originally it was my aunt's car and now I'm buying it.  Accords are such good cars, we want to keep this one in the family.  I know I will be able to get another 120,000 miles out of it easily.  Maybe even get 300,000+ miles out of this car.  Hey, it's a Honda!  It can make it.

The only problem is… well… I'm in Baltimore, MD and the car is in Irvine, CA.  That's on the other side of the county.  My two options are to ship it through an auto transport company, or drive it on a fantastic road trip across the country.  I would love to drive it, but my family feel it's better to ship it and not put extra miles on the car.  My thoughts are “It will be an adventure.  Besides it's a Honda, another 3,000 miles is nothing.  It should make it back to Baltimore no problem!”  The car does need a few maintenance items before it could make a cross country trip.  The back tires should be replaced, it could use a new battery, a brake flush, and probably an oil change.  Just that, then it should be set.  I'm having trouble deciding.  Shipping would be about $800-1000.  Driving might work out to be about the same, but it would be an unforgettable journey.

I would love to hear suggestions, comments, or advice from people.  What are your thoughts?  Ship or drive?

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