MD State Emissions Test

Write on the Envelope to make sure you don't forget the Emissions due date

Today I had to go do what most Marylanders dread, the MD State Emissions Test.  This is something you are required to do every 2 years to make sure your vehicle is not spewing too much noxious Co2 into the atmosphere in the great state of Maryland.

I waited longer than it took to actually do the test.  As most know all the test really is is hooking up your car to a computer.  What the technician did to my car today was hook-up my car to the OBDII scanner, check for a code, and that was it.  If my car didn't have a OBDII or OBDI port they just would have not checked for any codes.  He also did what is known as a “Gas Cap” test, essentially just to make sure the gas cap is there.

I left feeling great I had my emissions test out of the way and was at least glad it only took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes from my house to the emissions place on Erdman Avenue and back.  You know I realized when I got back to my house, it is just a good way for MD to make some money.  What do you think?