Cristiano Ronaldo’s wrecked Ferrari to go up for sale on eBay

cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo's wrecked and broken Ferrari 599 GTB is going up sale.  Not surprisingly the wrecked Ferrari is going up for sale on the world's largest auction site, eBay, where they seem to be able to sell anything and everything.

The current owner of the Ferrari is a garage in Strasbourg, which is located in western France.  There was an auction previously for Cristiano Ronaldo's Ferrari on eBay but it was taken down for supposed “security reasons.”  Also the authenticity came into question whether the car was actually owned by Ronaldo.

Paperwork has been submitted to eBay and the authenticity of the car has been confirmed by the world's largest auction site.  The garage's lawyer, Renaud Bettcher, told the Agence France Presse (AFP) that was “very satisfied” that the go ahead to sell the car had been given.

The Strasbourg garage acquired the red Ferrari 599 GTB from Portuguese vendor for about 33,000 euros, which is about $42,900 US dollars.  When the Ferrari was originally listed on eBay they asked for 50,000 euros (65,000 US dollars).  Bidding for the wrecked Ronaldo Ferrari reached an impressive 125,000 euros (US dollars 162,500) when the item was withdrawn from eBay.   In my opinion that is quite a lot of money for a broken and wrecked Ferrari.

Star Autos, which seems to be the dealership that sold the car to Ronaldo, originally made the complaint to eBay about the Ferrari's authenticity.  For some reason the dealership will get an undisclosed amount of money for “damages” which is estimated to be about $26,000 US dollars.  I am not sure how and why the dealership assume there are “damages” though.

No date or additional information about the sale of the Ferrari 599 GTB has been released yet.  The Ferrari will be going up for sale on eBay sometime soon and I imagine it will fetch quite a bit of money even though it is in pretty bad shape.

Cristiano Ronaldo crashed the Italian sports car into a barrier near the Manchester, UK airport back in 2009 back when he was playing for British club team, Manchester United.  This was a week before he was awarded the  the 2008 Ballon d'Or as world player of the year.  Too bad he is not still playing for Manchester United as the team got free Chevy's as part of a sponsorship deal recently.

The internationally well known Portuguese soccer player now plays for the Real Madrid, which is widely considered one of the best club teams in the world.  Ronaldo is one of highest paid soccer players in the world.

Additionally he also has a pretty smoking hot girlfriend, Irina Shayk.  Notably Irina Shayk has appeared on the cover the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and has been in many famous magazines and ad campaigns around the world.

irina shayk

I am pretty sure Ronaldo doesn't care about his wrecked Ferrari as he bought another supercar and he has Irina Shayk as a girlfriend.  Life is good at the top!

It would at least be nice if I could sell my broken and wrecked stuff for a hefty profit. I guess I just need to become a little more famous! 🙂

[Source – Business Insider]

Review: Cripe Distributing

I recently made a wrench set purchase through a company called Cripe Distributing, which is an online tool vendor and Ebay store that sells overstocked tools and equipment for great prices. I thought I'd writeup a review of my experience for others

I read about Cripe on GarageJournal, which is a great online forum for garage junkies, gearheads, and craftsman of all types. I had been looking to get a set of Gearwrench X-Beam Ratcheting Wrenches or similar set for awhile. I saw that Cripe had a great deal on an 8-piece set for $35, which was a mighty good deal. I used a coupon code (RDKBS) for an additional 5% off with PayPayl orders. That brought down the price to $33.25, which was an even better deal. Including UPS ground shipping, which was $11.54, the order total came out to $44.79. I felt shipping was a little pricey, but still worth the cost.

I emailed Cripe to ask if there was anything that could be done about the shipping costs, such as mailing them in a USPS Flat-Rate box. I got a response in 1 day, which was very surprising since this was on the weekend. However, I didn't use the customer service email I used the email the PayPal payment was sent to. I think that probably had something to do with it. Here was the email response.

we try to make our shipping costs as actual as we can…… we don't use the shipping as a profit center like most people do
when someone overpays shipping by more then a few dollars…. we do our best to refund them…..
we could build the shipping into each item…. but we feel that that is unfair to the person who buys multiple items
we really do try to be as fair as possible…
you can always try our website where it figures your shipping based on your zip code…. and gives you different shipping options to choose from

I thought this was a reasonable response and is understandable.  It is annoying when ordering items through Amazon Prime I realize the shipping price is built into the price of the item.

I ordered the wrench set on February 9th and received it February 22th. The package was delivered when expected by UPS and was packaged decently. Check the pictures below.

My complaints with Cripe Distributing would be they're ordering system and website. I setup an account on they're website, and several days after my order was placed… there was no record of any orders. I found this strange. Also they're website is somewhat difficult to navigate and doesn't have the best layout and navigation, which can be annoying. On some items I've noticed there are key pieces of information missing. For example, I noticed on sockets sets sometimes they do not list the drive size the sockets are for. I guess it's understandable that they don't have the best website and software since they most likely keep costs down in order to maintain good pricing. They should provide the correct and accurate information on they're website for products though. On a lot of items you also won't find much of savings when you calculate shipping costs.

There are 2 ways to order through Cripe Distributing, you can order directly on they're website or on the Ebay store. I might consider ordering from the Ebay storefront. Actually if you check Ebay, they offer different items on there and sometimes different items through they're website. I find this equally strange and confusing.  However, Cripe does have great prices on a lot of tools so I will most likely be using them again.


  • Good customer service
  • Great pricing on tools
  • Good pacakging


  • Difficult to navigate website
  • Different products offered on website vs. Ebay
  • Shipping Costs

Overall I'm happy with Cripe and will order from them again most likely. if the price is right and shipping isn't ridiculous.