22nd Annual East Coast Indoor Nationals – Dec. 3-4

East Coast Indoor Nationals

If you love Cars and Motorcycles, there is only one place to be this weekend, the 22nd Annual East Coast Indoor Nationals.  This is the largest Pre-1973 All American Car & Motorcycle Show on the east coast!  There will be cool muscle cars, classic rides, antiques, hot-rods, drag cars, and custom motorcycles displayed.

The show is not just for gearhead enjoyment, it has a special mission to raise money for ‘Toys for Tot.'  Last year the show raised over $20,000 to buy toys.  Let's hope this year they are able to break that!

Special guest Candy Clark will be in attendance, from the movie “American Graffitti.”  $10,000 in cash prizes will be awarded to those taking part in the show.  There will be auctions, a live DJ, and a vendor area for getting that part you need.  Santa will be in attendance for children.   It should be a great time for everyone!  Be sure to stop by and maybe I will see you there.

Show Admission: $12, Kids 6 & Under Free

Where: Maryland State Fairgrounds, 2200 York Rd, Timonium MD, 21093

When:  Saturday 9am – 6pm, Sunday 9am – 4pm

For more info visit:   www.eastcoastindoornats.com/

5 Most Dangerous Countries to Drive In

Driving can have its share of dangers, but there are certain countries where drivers have to take special care. These places have roads and other conditions that make them more of a challenge when taking to the road. If you are traveling to these countries, be sure that you are aware of traffic laws, safety precautions and prepared for any emergencies that could arise. All figures in this article are for the period from 2006-2007.

United Arab Emirates

1. United Arab Emirates
This country is in the top ranks of the most dangerous countries to drive in. It has more than a million vehicles that are registered to drive on the roads. The United Arab Emirates also has an astonishing 1,056 car-related deaths, with a rate of deaths in accidents at 37.1 per 100,000 residents in the country. This number of accidents also leads to a higher rate of filing auto insurance claims.


2. Gambia
Gambia has a large population of over 1,000,000 people with over 14,000 vehicles that can legally be on the road. There have been at least 54 deaths in vehicle accidents, with an accident death rate of 36.6 individuals out of 100,000. This makes for a lot of traffic and busy streets while driving, so if you are visiting, watch for possible accidents on the road.


3. Niger
This is a beautiful, prospering country that boasts a population of over 14,000,000 people who drive over 76,000 vehicles on its roads. The busy traffic has led to a total of 570 deaths in car accidents, with a vehicle accident death rate of 37.7 per 100,000 people.


4. Iraq
Iraq's population of over 28,000,000 people has had to contend with war over the years, and have also garnered a top spot on the list for being dangerous to drive in. There are over 2,000,000 vehicles on the road daily, with a total of 1,932 deaths from accidents. Every 38.1 out of 100,000 people die in vehicle crashes.


5. Egypt
Egypt is a country that is popular with tourists, since it has the pyramids, its history and beautiful cities to tour. It has one of the highest spots on the list of dangerous countries to drive in with a total of 15,983 deaths from automobile accidents. This is possible with over 75,000,000 people in the population and more than 4,300,000 cars on the road. There is a mortality rate of 41.6 per 100,000 people.

If you are planning to travel overseas, make sure that you are prepared for the possibility of an accident. Preparation includes knowing the traffic laws, having good car insurance and being aware of the heaviest traffic zones. This knowledge is vital to making your drive overseas smoother and safer.

Written by Christina Jones

An interview with James DeAngelis, CCBC’s Comprehensive Automotive Programs Coordinator (Part 1)

If you are someone who has considered an automotive career in the greater Baltimore area, go see James DeAngelis III. Why? He runs the Comprehensive Automotive Programs at the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) – a very important job.  The programs at CCBC are responsible for teaching the automotive technicians of tomorrow.  Not only does Mr. DeAngelis run the comprehensive automotive programs, which have day and night classes, he also teaches courses himself.

Many of the students in the automotive programs are likely to be working on your cars someday. So you have to have a lot of respect for the quality teaching of Mr. DeAngelis and the staff at the college.  He is clear and thorough and somehow easily keeps students interested in the material for classes that last all day.  Maybe it’s his great expertise, his wit, and his humor. Maybe it’s the captivating stories he tells.

DeAngelis is a man with many surprising interests and talents.  On a given day in his spare time you might see him collecting old computer equipment (like floppy disks!), working on his own vintage game for an emulator, tinkering with one of his many bikes or vehicles, searching for Atari cartridges to add to his vast collection, or watching the latest Top Gear. He might even be writing a business plan and proposal for his quick lube and auto repair shop.

His enthusiasm for his job can only be matched by his enthusiasm for Ford Festivas.  Not only does he own two Festivas, he loves actively posting on FordFestiva.com and meeting with others who enjoy these cars as much as he does. If asked about the Festiva fanaticism he will tell you straight and serious, “It's the greatest car ever made! I used to own seven.”

For more information on this creative and dedicated individual, his background and what he does, here’s my in-depth interview:


State your name and job title?
James (Jim) DeAngelis, Comprehensive Automotive and Collision Repair Programs Coordinator, Comprehensive Auto instructor

How long have you been at CCBC?
Well, I came to the college from Ford Motor Company, having been a Service Training Instructor in the Mid-Atlantic region starting 1999. In that position, I taught new technology and products to dealer technicians. As a college instructor, I’ve been here since December of 2005. However, I did graduate from the Ford ASSET automotive program in 1996, offered here at the Catonsville campus.

How long have you been teaching at the college?
I applied and was hired as a full time instructor in the fall of 2005.
Prior to that, I was invited to instruct the Ford ASSET classes on Diesel Engine Performance once a year, for several years.

How did you get started working for the college?
Well now, that’s a long a story… As a student here, one of my instructors (Jack Davis) made mention that he had been observing my interaction with fellow students, and felt that I may do well as an instructor. I took that nugget of advice with me. That influenced my choice to pursue the position at Ford Motor Company. In the summer of 2005, while having a conversation with CCBC’s Auto Department coordinator about my upcoming guest presentation at the college, I was informed that one of my former mentors was retiring, and was asked if I would be interested in applying for his position. I jumped at the chance to return to the college as an instructor, having many great memories about my time as a student here.

Tell me about CCBC’s various automotive programs?
CCBC offers several different programs, to meet the needs of both the student body and area businesses.  Ford, GM and Toyota, sponsor what is referred to as the Industry Specific programs. These programs were developed in conjunction with manufacturers, with the goal of producing career minded service technicians, for each of those brands. These students complete a two-year, AAS degree in Automotive Technology.  If one of these manufactures does not interest the student, they can enroll in the Comprehensive Automotive Technology program. The Comprehensive program discusses all brands of vehicles. In this program, the students can also obtain an AAS, or they can earn one of several certificates. The certificates include all the same automotive classes, but exclude the academic classes that are part of the degree.

What advantages does CCBC have over a private vocational school? Schools such as WyoTech or LincolnTech.
Community colleges can offer certain advantages over any for-profit school. The primary advantage is cost. A community college is partially funded by the community’s taxes, so tuition costs are typically significantly less than that of a private, for-profit technical school. CCBC also enjoys direct support of its automotive programs by both the three mentioned manufacturers, and area dealers. This gives us a greater opportunity to help students attain employment within the local industry.

What disadvantages does CCBC have over these schools?
Well, since we are the mercy of our local and state governments’ budget constraints, our facilities are not quite as glossy and grand as some of the for-profit institutions.

What’s the difference between getting an Automotive Certificate and Degree?
The Automotive Certificate option permits the student to complete various levels of automotive training, while the degree adds to that a greater depth of development, in the form of academic classes, taken in conjunction with the automotive training.

How do you and the college choose teachers for classes?
We put a bunch of names in jar, and have a former circus chimp grab one at random. It keeps things fresh. Seriously, though; Full time faculty is selected by committee, after the candidates have submitted written resumes and interviewed with a panel of faculty from both the Automotive department, and other areas of the college. Adjunct, or part-time faculty, are selected somewhat differently. These persons are individually selected by the full time faculty for their expertise and ability to relate directly with the students.

Do you like your job?
I count myself as one of the lucky few folks in the world that absolutely loves what they do.

Do you like teaching?
Being with the students is my favorite part of my job. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than interacting with the students in the classroom and lab.

What are the most challenging aspects of your job?
As a technically and hands-on oriented person, I find the administrative aspect of my job the least enjoyable, which makes it somewhat of challenge.

Do you like the students?
The students are why I love my job. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with anyone wanting to learn.

What about annoying ones that want to do interviews? 🙂
Those can be a bit of a challenge, on occasion.

*Click to read Part 2 of the interview

Maryland Muscle/Rotary Car Show – May 28th

The 9th Annual Maryland Muscle Car/Rotary Car Show is this coming Saturday, May 28th from 10am-3pm. (Originally called the Maryland BBQ Car Show.) Even though the name has changed, the excitement of the show has not. It's a great experience for those in the Baltimore Metro and Washington DC area to enjoy muscle cars, hot-rods, customized cars, imports, and rotarys. The show is open to all makes and models though, so feel free to bring by any car you want or let someone you know about the show.  There will be nice looking models available to take pictures with cars (as you can tell from the picture above!)  It's all for a good cause. The proceeds will benefit the Childhood Cancer Association. So be sure to attend, and make a donation.

Location: Blobs Park, 8024 Blobs Park Rd, Jessup, MD, 20794

Time: Saturday, May 28th, 10am-3pm

2011 University of Maryland Spring Car Meet – May 1

If you like cars and feel like doing something good, your in luck. The 2011 University of Maryland Spring Car Meet will not only feature a fun day of cool cars and activities, but the proceeds will go to Martha's Table. So there is no reason you should not go or attend the show.

2011 University of Maryland Spring Car Meet to benefit Martha's Table
hosted by College Park Tuning

• Thousands of different cars
• Dyno pulls
• Live DJ
• 50/50 Raffle
• Raffle Prizes

They will be asking a 1 non-perishable food item per person (if you have more bring them) after you enter the lot. If you forget to bring an item or prefer not to, the organizers will collect a $1 donation on your way into the lot. All the donations collected from admission, food sales and the 50/50 raffle are going to be donated to Martha’s Table (http://www.marthastable.org).

Fedex Field Parking Lots E and F between Arena Dr and Redskins Rd
*We have 6,200 spaces so unlike past years I don't think we will have parking issues*
Directions to Fedex Layout of the meet
*Expect heavy traffic, we are sorry for this inconvenience and will be trying to move people in/out of the meet as quickly as possible*

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Noon, 12:00 pm. I know some of you might show up early but remember this year there is 6,200 spaces instead of 2,300
They will probably start packing things up at 7pm

Bring your own food and don't make a mess. NO DUMPING COAL AT FEDEX.

• $75.00 for 2 – 3 baseline pulls w/ A/F and printout. FWD or RWD only
• If you are interested in dynoing your car, please send an email to collegeparktuning@gmail.com or follow this link. They are trying to have people pre-register for the dyno.

Reserving Space
The people have spoken and if you want to reserve space for your club or group you need to contact the organizer ASAP and give them an approximate head count by April 22nd. If you want to have a tent for your group there is a fee associated with that (Fedex's fee, not mine). If you put up a tent and don't pay this fee you will have to take it down.

Basic Rules
1. Be respectful of other peoples cars. Please do not touch a persons car without their consent
2. No tents (unless your group contacts collegeparktuning@gmail.com ASAP, Fedex requires us to pay a tent permit fee)
3. No alcohol
4. No scandalous attire (this is a family event)
5. Chairs are permitted everywhere but no taking up parking spaces with them
6. No saving spaces (Unless your group or forum contacts us before hand at collegeparktuning@gmail.com)
7. No burnouts or anything stupid. Police will be at the event and cameras are rolling 24/7 at Fedex