Elio Motors Review [VIDEO]

My colleague over at CarNewsCafe, Aaron Turpen, did a great video review of Elio Motors three-wheeled car recently.  Check it out below and let me know what you think.

The aim of the Elio is that it will be an extremely inexpensive car to buy for the masses. Elio Motors hopes to sell the 3-wheeled car for $6,800 dollars which should be a price point attractive to a wide range of buyers.  The reason the Elio will be so cheap is that all the components and parts used will be mostly taken from what is already available on the market. That means no having to special order or wait for parts direct from Elio Motors so you can get back on the road easily.  This also means you should be able to fix this three-wheeled car yourself easily.

The design of the Elio is not only cool but aerodynamic and fuel efficient.  The engine which is equipped is a small 1-liter 70-horsepower engine with 3-cylinders and the EPA estimated 49 mpg in the city and 84 mpg on the highway makes it ideal for commuters or something to just get around town with to have fun.  The estimated top speed is 100 mph and you can order it with 5-speed manual or an automatic.  I would probably opt for the stick shift since the Elio looks like a lot of fun.

Elio Motors is hoping that the Elio will receive a 5-star crash test rating.  Usually with three-wheeled cars they are classified as “motorcycles” meaning they do not need to undergo car crash safety tests.  (Well they don't do any crash testing actually.)  Whether this is something that Elio Motors can pull off engineering wise in such a small and tight package as yet to be seen though.

Hopefully we will see this car on the road as I really like the concept.  As with a lot of great car ideas (Tucker) they can't get off the ground and into production.  At the time of this writing the company still has not secured financing to buy a facility to build these.

What do you think about this 3-wheeled car? Would you buy one?

[Sources- CarNewsCafe]

CarNewsCafe an Awesome new car site


Hey Everyone! You might have noticed that on my social media channels I have a have started a new website with few of my auto writing buddies, CarNewsCafe.  Admittedly the site is not much now but we have a lot in the works which should make it into a premiere destination on the web for car news, vehicle news, and basically anything to do with cars.

I am planning on working on some cool audio content that will be going live on the site soon.  We will be podcasting these and posting all audio content on CarNewsCafe for everyone's listening pleasure.  (At least I hope you will like listening to my voice, because I always thought I could be on the radio or be an announcer.)  The podcasts should be pretty rad as it is a lot easier in my opinion to do audio than video content.  I am investing in some premium equipment as well to make these car news podcasts top notch.

There will also be some video content but I am not sure if it will be anything that is truly worth mentioning.  They most likely will be weekly car chats in a “cafe style” with other auto journalists.  Hence the name of our site, CarNewsCafe!

All this content will be available for free but we will be using different forms of monetization.  We love writing about car news and reporting the latest and greatest in the auto world but… we need to get paid too!  So no complaints about we have ads or whatever on the site.

Please “Like” the CarNewsCafe Facebook page and “Follow” our Twitter feed.  I would really appreciate it and it would really help us out.

If you have suggestions for the site please let us know.  I am open to constructive criticism and suggestions.