CarNewsCafe an Awesome new car site


Hey Everyone! You might have noticed that on my social media channels I have a have started a new website with few of my auto writing buddies, CarNewsCafe.  Admittedly the site is not much now but we have a lot in the works which should make it into a premiere destination on the web for car news, vehicle news, and basically anything to do with cars.

I am planning on working on some cool audio content that will be going live on the site soon.  We will be podcasting these and posting all audio content on CarNewsCafe for everyone's listening pleasure.  (At least I hope you will like listening to my voice, because I always thought I could be on the radio or be an announcer.)  The podcasts should be pretty rad as it is a lot easier in my opinion to do audio than video content.  I am investing in some premium equipment as well to make these car news podcasts top notch.

There will also be some video content but I am not sure if it will be anything that is truly worth mentioning.  They most likely will be weekly car chats in a “cafe style” with other auto journalists.  Hence the name of our site, CarNewsCafe!

All this content will be available for free but we will be using different forms of monetization.  We love writing about car news and reporting the latest and greatest in the auto world but… we need to get paid too!  So no complaints about we have ads or whatever on the site.

Please “Like” the CarNewsCafe Facebook page and “Follow” our Twitter feed.  I would really appreciate it and it would really help us out.

If you have suggestions for the site please let us know.  I am open to constructive criticism and suggestions.

New Vertical Business Cards

I recently had some new vertical business cards designed.  I think the design came out nicely and it is clean, simple, and fun.  Check out the design!

Vertical Business Cards

I noticed a lot of business card nowadays are double-side so I thought it would be fine to get on with the trends.  Checkout the design I got for the back:

vertical business cards

The car silhouette design came out really nice and I like the WAPA (Washington Automotive Press Association) and IMPA logos.  The main reason I am part of these auto organizations is so I look legit.  Now when I give out my cards I assume they will check since I mostly give these out to people that work in the automotive industry.

Wondering where I got these business cards designed?  Fiverr!

If you haven't of the Fiverr, the tagline makes it easy to understand, “The world's largest marketplace for small services, starting at $5.”

That is essentially the best way to describe Fiverr, a huge marketplace for small jobs (ome jobs are quite intricate or large for what you get.)  The idea of Fiverr is really simple.  A seller can offer services and jobs that are $5 or factors of five depending on your seller status.  Fiverr will hold your money until the job is completed and your are satisfied with the work, when finished the Fiverr seller gets $4.  Fiverr takes a 20% commission ($1) on each sale.

I found a designer who offers specializes in Fiverr gigs specifically for graphic design work.  This seller does logos, ebook covers, and of course business card designs all for $5.  They had good reviews and ratings and the samples I saw I liked, so I felt comfortable using them.  Each vertical business card design cost me $5 so I paid $10 for the entire design, which is still a good deal for getting a business card in my opinion.  The Fiverr seller gave me several options and when I asked for changes they were made promptly and to the way I had specified I wanted them done.

If you need a business card designed I would recommend using Fiverr.  There are lots of similar microgig sites out there now such as Tenrr, which does not take commissions  and Fourerr, which only cost $4 per gig.  I like Tenrr since they have a nice “Request Job” feature.

Some of you might remember that list time I ordered business card I got them from Office Depot online, which is technically VistaPrint.  I would not recommend ordering from VistaPrint as the quality was not what I expected for what I paid and the paper was pretty thin.  This time I ordered from 123Print which is a Frederick, Maryland based company.  (There printing and processing facilities are located in Minnesota and Pennsylvania.)  I thought it would be nice to support a local company and get a small test run of the cards (I ordered 100) to see how I like the design in real-life.  I will let people know what my experience is with 123Print.

Let me know if you like or dislike my new vertical business cards.  Anything you want to suggest I do differently in the future for my vertical business cards?

Contributing Writer for TorqueNews

I have a new writing gig now.  I am a Contributing Writer for TorqueNews.  It's a great automotive news website that generates a ton of traffic.  There are some veteran automotive journalists, like Hawke Fracassa, which will enable me to learn a lot.  I should be able to keep up my writing duties with this blog and The College Driver.  This is just a new writing venture for me.  Check out my 2 stories from today!

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