My newest gig, writing for the College Driver

Hey everyone!  I was recently credentialed as a writer for a great website called the College Driver.  It's aimed at people under 25 with $25,000 or less to spend on their cars.   (Of course if you are older than 25 we won't discriminate and we welcome you to the website!)  My first article was on Bridgestone's Safety Scholars video contest, which I wrote about on this blog a few days ago.  On the College Driver I will be writing news, reviews, articles, and features.  I am very excited about this latest writing opportunity.  I am especially excited about doing vehicle reviews.  I hope you will read my work on there as well as this great blog.

Safety Scholars video contest, Voting has begun

The top ten finalists have been chosen in Bridgestone's Safety Scholars video contest.  That means you can now vote for your favorite video on driving and vehicle safety.

The videos have been posted on The student whose video receives the most votes will win a $10,000 college scholarship.  The second and third place winners receive $5,000 college scholarships.  The top ten finalists will also receive a free set of Bridgestone tires for their car.

When you vote for your favorite video you are also eligible to receive a prize.  The prizes are a variety of Bridgestone products.  Voting ends July 29, so make sure to vote.  The grand prize winner and runner-ups will be announced August 1.

There were 1,466 entries submitted by 16- to 21-year-olds across the United States and Canada, up from last year's 1,373 entries.  Judges picked the finalists based on how well the videos made viewers think about being more safety-conscious drivers and how effectively and creatively they were able to convey their message.

“The passion and creativity displayed in these videos is so incredible that it makes the judges’ decisions very difficult.  Safety Scholars once again proves to be an innovative campaign that empowers young drivers and allows us to demonstrate our commitment to safety behind the wheel.”  said Angela Patterson, digital media coordinator, Community and Corporate Relations, for Bridgestone Americas, who also manages the company’s teen driver safety initiatives.

Even more rewarding than the scholarships, the grand prize winners videos might be used as a public service announcement (PSA) on TV stations all across the country.  Bridgestone supports these in cooperation with Driver’s Edge, a non-profit hands-on safe driving course that’s available free to 15-to 21-year-olds in US cities during the Summer.  The 2010 Safety Scholars PSAs have aired more than 24,000 times on TV and cable stations across the United States.

The videos are all extremely well-done and very creative.  I have my own personal favorites, but I won't reveal which ones they are.  I will let you decide.

To vote please visit:

As well as receiving the scholarships the finalists will also get a free set of Bridgestone tires for their car.  The grand prize winners have the chance to have their video used as a public service announcement (PSA) on television stations all across the country.  Bridgestone supports these in cooperation with Driver’s Edge, a separate non-profit hands-on safe driving course that’s available free to 15-to 21-year-olds in US cities during the Summer. The 2010 Safety Scholars PSAs have aired more than 24,000 times on TV and cable stations across the United States.

Safety Scholars Video Contest, Win Money for College

If you like making movies and need some cash for college, you are in luck.  Bridgestone is running their annual Safety Scholars Video Contest.  Essentially you make a short movie about motoring safety and upload i, then you might win a $10,000 college scholarship!

You might be curious, why would Bridestone have this contest?  Angela Patterson Sikes who coordinates digital media and teen driver safety initiatives for Bridgestone, “Bridgestone started the contest in 2006 as part of its teen driver safety initiatives.  Safety Scholars originally began as an essay contest, but in 2007, Bridgestone decided to turn it into a video contest because they thought video would be the most effective form for teens to communicate that message and might reach more people that way.  Sadly, car crashes kill more 16 to 21 year olds than any other cause, so Bridgestone hopes this is a strong, creative way for teens and young adults to consider what they do behind the wheel.”

If you want to submit a video to be judged the deadline is June 24th, 2011.  Videos must be either 25 or 55 seconds long.  Not between 25 and 55 seconds, but one of the two.  The contest is open to 15-21 year olds, within the US and Canada.  The videos must be well thought out and executed.  Angela Patterson Sikes, “Bridgestone chooses the finalists based on the following criteria: how well the video compels viewers to be more safety-conscious when using their vehicles and how well the video effectively and creatively communicates its message.”  Last year there were 1,373 entries, and this year's number will hopefully top that.  Each year the videos get better and better.  There should be no exception for this year.

Even if you are not quite lucky enough to win the Grand Prize, the second and third place finalists will receive a $5,000 scholarship.  The top ten videos will get a Free set of Bridgestone or Firestone tires.  So get working on a video to submit.  Remember, it's not just about getting money for school but helping create safer drivers on our roads.

For more info or to upload a video visit:


Driver’s Edge at Fedex Field this weekend

Learning skid control

If you signed-up for the Driver's Edge course at Fedex Field, this is a reminder it's this Saturday and Sunday (June 18th and June 19th).  Here is my original article about it in case you missed it.  If you are unsure about taking the time out of your weekend to attend…. let me just tell you GO!  You will be surprised at everything you will learn as a parent or young driver.  It's an incredible course, and it's Free!  I can't stress enough how great these courses are and how much you will gain from it.  It's really the type of thing you will have to do to realize how much you don't know about handling a car.   Especially since American driver education is bad.  We definitely need to improve as a nation.  In Europe it is much more difficult to get a license, and it can take years.  In most US states the driving standards for getting a license are lax.  This creates a population of dangerous, unskilled, and unaware driver's on our roads.  Driver's Edge is not just about teaching people to drive, it's about saving people's lives.


Bridgestone, Media Passes, and Freebies!

My first Freebie!

This past week has been pretty incredible for me and Adam's Auto Advice.  A lot of cool things happened!

On Wednesday I got an email from Bridgestone Media Relations.  They saw my article about Driver's Edge.  They sponsor Driver's Edge and thanked me for writing the article and spreading the word about it.  I was then invited to a Drive & Learn event they are having at FedEx Field this coming week.  Essentially it's for testing out Bridgestones latest high-performance tires.  You go out on a track in a BMW and have a pro-racing instructor guide you through the course.  That way you can see how good the tires are.  Unfortunately…. I will not be able to attend due to a big family event.

On Thursday I got a Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit in the mail.  Best part about it?  It was Free!  This kit was sent out by Sylvania for writers, like myself, to test out and use.  I'll have to determine whether it's a good product.  I already tried a 3M Kit for the headlights on my Mom's van, but I payed for that kit.  I'll have to find a car to test it out on and see whether it's good or not.  It will be interesting to compare.

I will also be getting another cool Freebie in the mail in a few weeks.  I won't tell you too much about it.  I will say it's an Electronic device that you can use to help diagnosis problems with cars.  (That's an obvious giveaway!)

Additionally I was granted Media Passes for 2 car shows and events.  I had a Media Pass for the Ocean City Car & Truck Show this weekend.  (I was planning on going today, but was not able to go due to some unforeseen circumstances.)  I also have a Media Pass for Tuner Evolution on July 16th, which will be up in York, PA.  It should be a really cool show.  I'm excited I was able to secure these Media Passes.  It feels good people are appreciating and recognizing the blog.

Andrew Schweigman