Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson try’s the Bobsled [video]

jeremy clarkson bobsled

If you love Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson you are bound to love this video gem I found on the Top Gear Youtube channel.  It shows's Jeremy Clarkson trying out Bobsledding with the British Army Bobsleigh (how the Brits say it) team.

This Bobsled segment wasn't filmed for Top Gear but another show, Jeremy Clarkson ‘s Speed Secrets.   Since bobsleds can hit 90+ mph they go pretty fast for something that has no engine and just uses gravity and weight.  The best part of watching Jeremy Clarkson ridding in a Bobsled is how terrified he looks before and the psychologist's assessment of Clarkson.

Jeremy Clarkson rides in a Bobsled

Jeremy Clarkson gets his first real taste of fear when, he joins the British Army's Bobsleigh team for a ride. Hair-raising clip taken from Jeremy Clarkson's Speed series.

If you like this video check out Top Gear's Winter Olympics – Mini Rally Car vs Skeleton.  If you are currently watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi let me know what sports you have enjoyed watching and would like to try.  Would you ever try the Bobsled or other ice track sports like Skeleton or Luge?