BMW 3-Series Commercial with Brooklyn Decker [VIDEO]

BMW comes up with some great commercials, sooo good I put BMW's commercial for their RearView Camera on my  5 Greatest Auto Commercial of All Time list.  The latest BMW 3-series commercial, which debuts today during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olypics, will feature interntaionally known model Brooklyn Decker.  The TV spot titled “Opportunity Knocks” is pretty funny too.  Check it out below.  

Opportunity Knocks featuring Brooklyn Decker

It shows a man standing in a BMW showroom and the BMW salesman turns and asks him, “So what do you think? Are you going to take it?

The man has several flashbacks of when opportunity passed him by before.  The first is in high school when he is breaking up with his geeky girlfriend, Brooklyn.  Later he is watching TV on his couch and recognizes his old girlfriend, “Brooklyn?” who is an actress now and quite stunning.  Keep in mind Brooklyn Decker is a model who's appeared in the Sports Illustrate Swimsuit edition several times as well as being featured on the cover.  Yeah, that would have been bad.

“I was drawn to this BMW ad because of the humor. I was determined to play myself as a nerdy teenager – down to the braces and not so trendy clothes – just like I was in high school,” commented Brooklyn Decker about the commercial. “I loved being able to put some of my personality into the ad and I’m thrilled to have been a part of this project with BMW.”  In case you are wondering she's taken fellas. Decker is married to Andy Roddick, a retired tennis player.

brooklyn deckerAfter that he is on the phone with his friend.  “Dude, you got to get in on this.” says his friend and his reply, “140 characters, I don't get it!” The next scene you see him on his friend's yacht.  What's the yacht's name?  Hashtag This showing he passed up the opportunity to invest in the social media platform Twitter.  So this time around he can't let the opportunity pass him by to get the BMW 3-Series.

bmw 3 series commercial

I thought it was clever.  Let me know your thoughts about the BMW spot below.

The 5 Greatest Auto Commercials of All Time [VIDEOS]

What makes a great auto commercial?  A lot of things can make an auto ad or TV spot “good” but to be truly great a commercial needs several things.  It must be memorable so that people know what the ad the car was for.  It also needs to speak to a wide range of people (without being offensive) and strike an emotional chord that ads rarely do.  The follow commercial fit all of this criteria at least in my expert automotive opinion.

The Parisian Pinball Park – Ford Active Park Assist

I wrote about the Ford Parisian Pinball Park commercial before on this blog and it might be the greatest auto ad of all time.  It's clever, funny, memorable, awesome, and shows how creative Europeans are with ads.  (I have never seen a Ford TV spot this good in the US.)  Most importantly it shows Ford Active Park Assist and how useful it can be to a driver who is not good at parallel parking in Paris, where parking space is worth it's weight in gold.

Rear-View Camera – BMW

This is an absolutely brilliant!  Not only does it get across the technology behind the car but nobody talks in the commercial.  Even if you muted the sound this would still make you laugh.

The Force – VW

Come on!  What kid hasn't seen Star Wars and tried to use the “Force?”  You probably did the last time you watched Star Wars.  VW is known for making great ads but this one is truly great.

Cog – Honda Accord

It looks computer generated right?  The crazy thing is it's not!  The whole contraption was real and they used real parts from the Honda Accord to do this.  The best part is you can watch this commercial a few times and it doesn't get old.

Baby Driver – Subaru

While this Subaru commercial will speak to parents a lot more than someone like me who doesn't have kids (that I know about) I think a wide range of people find it appealing.

What do you think of the commercials I choose for this list?  Do they deserve to be recognized? Do you think I missed a great auto commercial in this list?  Let me know with a comment below.