Contributing Writer for TorqueNews

I have a new writing gig now.  I am a Contributing Writer for TorqueNews.  It's a great automotive news website that generates a ton of traffic.  There are some veteran automotive journalists, like Hawke Fracassa, which will enable me to learn a lot.  I should be able to keep up my writing duties with this blog and The College Driver.  This is just a new writing venture for me.  Check out my 2 stories from today!

Tesla Opens New Dealership Showroom and Service Center in Netherlands

Volvo Demonstrates what Cars go Through before Arriving at Dealerships


My newest gig, writing for the College Driver

Hey everyone!  I was recently credentialed as a writer for a great website called the College Driver.  It's aimed at people under 25 with $25,000 or less to spend on their cars.   (Of course if you are older than 25 we won't discriminate and we welcome you to the website!)  My first article was on Bridgestone's Safety Scholars video contest, which I wrote about on this blog a few days ago.  On the College Driver I will be writing news, reviews, articles, and features.  I am very excited about this latest writing opportunity.  I am especially excited about doing vehicle reviews.  I hope you will read my work on there as well as this great blog.