CarNewsCafe an Awesome new car site


Hey Everyone! You might have noticed that on my social media channels I have a have started a new website with few of my auto writing buddies, CarNewsCafe.  Admittedly the site is not much now but we have a lot in the works which should make it into a premiere destination on the web for car news, vehicle news, and basically anything to do with cars.

I am planning on working on some cool audio content that will be going live on the site soon.  We will be podcasting these and posting all audio content on CarNewsCafe for everyone's listening pleasure.  (At least I hope you will like listening to my voice, because I always thought I could be on the radio or be an announcer.)  The podcasts should be pretty rad as it is a lot easier in my opinion to do audio than video content.  I am investing in some premium equipment as well to make these car news podcasts top notch.

There will also be some video content but I am not sure if it will be anything that is truly worth mentioning.  They most likely will be weekly car chats in a “cafe style” with other auto journalists.  Hence the name of our site, CarNewsCafe!

All this content will be available for free but we will be using different forms of monetization.  We love writing about car news and reporting the latest and greatest in the auto world but… we need to get paid too!  So no complaints about we have ads or whatever on the site.

Please “Like” the CarNewsCafe Facebook page and “Follow” our Twitter feed.  I would really appreciate it and it would really help us out.

If you have suggestions for the site please let us know.  I am open to constructive criticism and suggestions.

Adam’s Auto Advice Turns 2 Years-Old Today Along With This 200th Post!

Me and My Dog Cody!

I thought I would share an important milestone with all the fans and readers of my humble blog, Adam's Auto Advice. This blog is now 2 years-old as of today.  Happy Birthday… to myself I guess! 🙂

It's amazing to think that my blog is 2 years old! Honestly it feels like I have been blogging and writing about cars forever, but it really has not been that long.

I look back at all the amazing posts and articles I have written. The articles and posts range from the fun and whacky Charm City Pedal Mill, the interesting Baltimore start-up ParkingPanda, attending the Baltimore Grand Prix, and breaking news about RelayRides. I have even tested automotive products and gone to a few car and auto shows.

Probably the best thing I have written about on this blog was my road trip from Irvine, CA to back to Baltimore.  It was an amazing trip and I hope to do many more road trips and a cross-country road trip again soon.

You know, I started this blog and didn't have set high hopes for my writing but look at me now! I am a full time auto journalist and blogger. I was able to go from writing as a hobby to writing about cars professionally.

Looking back at my first post, and some of my early writing such as this Top Gear editorial my writing has come a long way and fast. I am fortunate to be able to be doing something creative and love what I am doing.

I feel proud of everything I have been accomplished with this blog and other writing I have done.

As well sharing my experience when I appeared on Anderson with Anderson Cooper for the TV show's New Year's Special. I performed “Auld Lange Syne” with my singing dogs, Cody and Sierra, which was an amazing experience which I shared on this blog. (Of course it had nothing to do with cars, but I did drive up to New York-City with my dogs.)

I am glad to have had all these interesting and varied experiences. I hope to share more auto news, advice, tips & tricks, product reviews, with everyone via Adam's Auto Advice. I know I will continue to grow and experience more amazing automotive experiences in the future.

I also appreciate all the people with a shared passion for cars I have meet along my journey. We have exchanged web advice, writing tips, and personal stories of “Auto Awesomeness!”

Someone who deserves credit for my blog is my brother Jason. He helped me get this blog up and running and switch from Blogger to WordPress. He's also helped keep this blog going and updated. Thanks Jason!

I certainly have not crossed everything off on my automotive bucket list. I know I have a lot more great experiences ahead of me.

This is actually my 200th post! I didn't plan that, but it is a happy coincidence.  There will be hundreds of more great articles and posts along the way. I am going to make an effort to post more and most likely shorter articles in the future.

I hope all of you continue to follow my writing and work. Please Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest to keep updated.

I look forwarding to writing about cars and on this blog for many more years.

Contributing Writer for TorqueNews

I have a new writing gig now.  I am a Contributing Writer for TorqueNews.  It's a great automotive news website that generates a ton of traffic.  There are some veteran automotive journalists, like Hawke Fracassa, which will enable me to learn a lot.  I should be able to keep up my writing duties with this blog and The College Driver.  This is just a new writing venture for me.  Check out my 2 stories from today!

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