Andrew Judah wrote awesome Lincoln MKZ commercial song

I got an interesting comment asking me what the the Lincoln MKZ commercial song was on my post about the Lincoln “Phoenix” Super Bowl commercial.  Here is the comment/question from Rob;

Does anyone know the name of the music or is there anywhere I could find a complete instrumental version? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I honestly had no idea what the Lincoln MKZ commercial song was called or who wrote it.  I checked the Youtube description but did not see anything music, song, or band credits.  I then did some Googling but came up empty.

I thought it would be fun to check around and see if I could find out for Rob who wrote the music to the Lincoln MKZ commercial as it is pretty sweet.  Besides anyone who comments on my auto blog or Singing Dogs blog gets special attention and treatment since I always appreciate comments.  Well, at least nice and thoughtful comments (you would be surprised how many haters are out there.)

I emailed a Lincoln press contact to try to see if they could provide we with any answers about the Lincoln MKZ commercial song.  In the reply I was informed that song does not have a name but was composed by Black Iris Music.

I left a comment to let Rob know as I thought this was a pretty good answer.  To my surprise he replied back to my comment saying that that the music for the Lincoln MKZ commercial was composed and written by Andrew Judah, who is a Canadian singer/songwriter.  To confirm this I checked his Facebook page and Twitter feed.  I saw in Andrew Judah's Twitter feed he had sent out this Tweet.

I assume Andrew works for Black Iris Music and gets gigs to compose music for commercials through the company, such as the Lincoln MKZ commercial.  (Of course I really have no idea.)

On his Youtube channel Andrew Judah has a “Ads I've scored” list showing all the ads he has written music for.  I guess that is a good way to make a living as musician, but something not many people think about, like myself.  Hey maybe Cody, Sierra, and I could compose some original songs for the next Lincoln commercial or another TV commercial! 🙂

Anyway I am glad that I found out the answer to this question.  Thanks to Rob for leaving the comment informing me.

If you like the Lincoln MKZ commercial song and and are interested in hearing more music from Andrew, you can checkout his website;