Watch Aaron Paul Obliterate Top Gear Celebrity Track Record [VIDEOS]

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Do you love Top Gear?  If you read this awesome website of course you do. How about the TV show Breaking Bad?

Well if you love both of these TV shows you might just have to watch the latest season of Top Gear Series 21 with Aaron Paul who played Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad.  He was on Top Gear recently to promote his latest movie Need for Speed based on the popular video game franchise.  He talks about Need for Speed and how there are no special effects used in the movie and everything you see is real.  In addition he mentions he has no idea what crystal meth is and Jeremy Clarkson says he apparently loves Breaking Bad even though it was never on TV in the UK.  I guess they binge watch on Netflix too.  The interview also touches on cars used in the critically acclaimed TV show.  Who could forget the Pontiac Aztek?  As well they get into what cars Aaron Paul has owned.  Currently in his garage he has an original 1965 Shelby Cobra.  Remember cooking meth is a profitable business.

After Jeremy Clarkson gets done talking with him about Breaking Bad, and how much his daughter loves him, they of course show Paul's lap around the Top Gear track.  How did Aaron Paul do?  He completely obliterates the Top Gear celebrity track time and now holds the track record.  He went around the Top Gear track in 1:44 on the dot.  Not bad since he said he main goal was, “I just don't want to get last.”  I guess Aaron Paul picked up some slick driving skills filming Need for Speed. Yeah b@$*h!

Aaron Paul – Top Gear Track Record

Also checkout this cool behind-the-scenes video from Top Gear with Aaron Paul as he does his lap.  Regarding driving the Opel Astra compared to the supercars in Need for Speed, “This is more real.”  He also said, “I started Need for Speed the day after we wrapped Breaking Bad and the first day I was in a 2 and half million dollar Koenigsegg, which is the craziest car I've ever stepped foot in.”

Top Gear – Series 21 – Behind the Scenes  – Is Aaron Paul Bad at Breaking? –

Aaron Paul is the star in a reasonably priced car. After driving a fleet of dream cars in Need For Speed what will he make of the Astra?