Twitter’s Reaction to Chrome Underground & the Motoreum Crew

On Friday a new TV show called Chrome Underground premiered on Discovery Channel.  The show follows two guys who own a business selling classic cars called Motoreum in Austin, Texas.  The owners, Yusuf Johnson and Antonio Brunet, travel to foreign countries to buy collector cars to bring them back to the US to sell.  Finding decent prices in the states on rare cars is too tough nowadays.

We have our own thoughts about Chrome Underground but I'm always interested to see what the Twitter reaction is to a new TV show.  Here are some of what people were saying on Friday when Chrome Underground had it's debut and yesterday.  People shared what they thought of the Motoreum Crew and the show in general.  I'm posting the good and the bad Tweets to give you mixed reaction.

Postive Tweets

Some people in the Twittersphere liked the show and thought it was fun to watch. They seemed generally quite engaged with what was happening in the show.

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