Top Gear USA Cancelled, Thank the Car Gods!

top gear usa
Top Gear USA Cancelled


If you are reading this, than you will be happy to hear Top Gear USA has been cancelled.  Thank the car gods!

History Channel decided to cancel Top Gear America after ratings have been in a steady decline.  While the show still ranks well in History Channel's overall cable line-up the high cost of production makes it hard to justify the continued cost to make the show.  The licensing fees that the BBC charges for use of the Top Gear brand in the US go up each year according to people who worked on the contractual agreements with the BBC.  This is a major factor for Top Gear USA getting cancelled since you can't bankroll a show that doesn't make money, even if some idiots like the show.

Finances are not the only reason for the Top Gear USA getting cancelled.  Rumors swirled that the 3 hosts of the American version of Top Gear; Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust, and Rutledge Wood have been fighting off the show.  Inside sources claim the three of them claim get along fine on camera but really don't behind-the-scenes.  Apparently Adam Ferrara wanted both Rutledge Wood and Tanner Foust off the show as he felt he was the best host.  He even told the producers, and both hosts to their faces, that they should be replaced by people that are actually smart and funny.

Insiders close to the show have said that comments from Ferrara infuriated Tanner Foust so much he got into bit of a brawl with the New York comedian.  “Ferrara kicked Foust's ass” is what one source told me.  Wood seems to be more chill about the situation and it seems he will just go back to his position reporting full time on the NASCAR circuit.  History Channel and the producers for the show apparently had strongly considered replacing both Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood with other hosts when the show aired early on but nothing ever came of it.  Wood would have been easy to replace but finding a driver that was a good TV host was a more difficult task for the producers who used a BBC subsidiary for production.

Top Gear America was cancelled for another reason, it was giving people eye cancer since the show was so bad.  Reports from Ophthalmologists and Oncologists around the US, and around the world, have filed complaints and sent letters to the History Channel.  Most of these doctors are saying the same thing, that Top Gear USA is so terrible people can get eye cancer from watching the show for even short periods of time.  “Your chances of contracting eye cancer from watching Top Gear USA is almost guaranteed and we have seen some severe cases recently.  Short periods of watching the show might be alright but if you have been exposed at all we recommend you go to a hospital immediately to get checked.” said Dr. Gomes who is head of Oncology at Brigham Hospital in Blue Balls, Pennsylvania.  When asked about how many cases and if men or women were more affected, “We mainly see men getting cancer from Top Gear USA.  It's not quite as severe as when people watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, but pretty close.  We definitely see more women with Kardashian eye cancer.  With regards to Top Gear USA eye cancer we've seen a thousands of cases here in Blue Balls.”  When I asked about the original Top Gear UK on the BBC Dr. Gomes replied, “I love watching Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond.  Unsure of how any other car show could compare to them.”  He also reassured me that all his patients were able to make full recoveries from the Top Gear America cancer.  The cure is pretty simple, full episodes of Top Gear UK on DVD for several days in a row.

Happy April 1st Everyone! 🙂

*Note if you are not aware of what April 1st is you should Google it.

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Adam loves cars and anything with wheels. He has many interests and passions but he especially loves writing and blogging. Hence starting this auto blog.

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Adam loves cars and anything with wheels. He has many interests and passions but he especially loves writing and blogging. Hence starting this auto blog.

82 thoughts on “Top Gear USA Cancelled, Thank the Car Gods!”

  1. Tim Esterdahl says:

    Blue Balls, PA eh?

      1. Blue Ball, PA only 15 minutes from relief in Intercourse, PA. Or if you choose to relieve yourself 20 minutes in Bird In Hand, PA. Or live in abstinence in Virginville, PA which is only 48 minutes from Blue Ball, PA.

        1. Great comment Matt! 😀 This is one of the funniest comments I’ve gotten on Adam’s Auto Advice. You live in Pennsylvania near all these towns I bet?

          1. But did you know in P.A you can go from Blue Ball , to Intercourse and Paradise within 20 mintues?

    1. Chris west says:

      Adam was the worst thing 4 the show he sucked on the show and in paul blart mall cop very bad actress id rather watch jeff ross act now wood was very acknowledable about cars and went on to do lost in transmittion faust was also bright to all cars and was in a lot of movies and races professional in high payed movies like fast and the furious, need 4 speed, even 1 dukes of hazzard movie i was sad when the us version cancelled the bbc version was the worst after the first episode i turned it over awful but i think adam Sandler could replace Adam and do it better

      1. Overall US Top Gear sucks compared to the British version Chris. I don’t entirely understand everything you are saying here. However, just because you were in movies doing stunts doesn’t automatically make you good for doing a TV show about cars.

        1. The British Top Gear sucks. It is not funny or entertaining. The only good thing about it is the cars.
          People just parrot what they have been told when they say the US version is bad.
          I love the American version of Top Gear.

          1. Christopher West says:

            Theyre back on air lol I got a part in a new movie coming out 2017 “Mom and Dad” staring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair i also sold them a car they used in the movie 83 Cadillac deville they crashed a 78 pontiac trans am in the side fender of the car man both cars handled the impact great I doubt top gear USA will make it past 1-2 no seasons it’s history channel only show they keep running in many seasons is pawnstars,American pickers,and ice road truckers i like counting cars better than topgear

          2. Lance Smeal says:

            110% correct… The BBC version wasn’t funny at all (guess ya have to live over there to get it) …. Nothing entertaining about the BBC version… I’m not even impressed w the cars… “Oh look at me , I’m driving a car only select few can afford”…. Yawn…
            Wish it hadn’t died in the USA.. I’ll miss those 3 clowns ..

  2. I had me going till I got to the eye cancer you sob had a great laugh after but had me worried for a bit im an idiot and love the show u guys r all awesome

    1. uh if any of you have optimum can you plz tell me where top gear usa went cuz when i go on the history channel i dont see it at all

        1. Martin Kiefer says:

          So theres no more top gear usa?

      1. It’s filming again in August. Adam confirmed that in an Instagram comment

        1. Awesome, has this been verified other then Adam instragram

          1. Just because it was said on social media doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen.

  3. i nominate Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, and Tim Allen to host a revamped Top Gear USA!

      1. I think Ezra Dyer should be in there somewhere. That dude is hilarious.

      2. Brian Cristoni says:

        Why have jerry? Id go tim allen, jay leno and rutledge wood

    1. we cramer says:

      I have been thinking the same thing about Jay Leno being a good choice. Adam is not a car guy and he is not funny.

    2. Yes but keep tanner in their instead of jerry

    3. Henry Smith says:

      actually, people have asked Jay Leno to cast for Top Gear USA but he declined. top gear uk uses uk taxpayer’s money, they can do more than a us version sponsored by advertisements. which means, Jay Leno will be much more restricted in the show than the british boy. also the people who would be watching top gear us wouldn’t know as much about cars as the people watching the uk version.

      1. Yup your right, people in the US don’t know anything about cars we are all just stupid! I guess that is why you all over in th Uk hickup are always buying our muscle cars and shipping them back to the Uk. Kinda like on wheeler dealer, stop buying our American iron and taking them back to the UK, and then giving them some of the most awful bloody paint jobs.

        1. Come on im pretty sure the flow of direction for cars both old and new to uk and europe over and back from and to the states is both directions, if you were picky i think maybe the uk export maybe more.

          Thing is it was an idiotic statement, were all car guys the world over, were all the same, it matters no more where you life on which side of an imaganinary line someone drew on a map.

          A good car is a good car.. What does it matter where it was made if its fun to drive.

          America iron, european axels etc etc tommato tomarto.

          Every one buy the car you want… The only real important thing is that once in a while you live and drive it like you stole it.

    4. That would be sweet!! Excellent lineup Rob

  4. Yeah, I knew it wouldn’t last from the onset. It REALLY REALLY sucked.

  5. biggo cox says:

    great they sucked,a total rip-off of bbc not funny

  6. I do not like either Top Gear. The UK version is dry and talk about eye cancer. I could stand 10 episodes of the US version compared to one dry, dull UK (so called) episode.

  7. I was so happy until I saw the date.

  8. What the hell I actually liked this show but that because they actually related as fellow american’s. Talk about eye cancer with all the cool ass shit they did with big american trucks what about the ear cancer from the god awful British accents on the bbc version.

  9. I have seen both shows and I couldn’t get past the first season of the BBC one. It was like watching a coffee maker commercial. The whole entire season was about how cool supper expensive cars are and how much American cars suck. At least Tanner showed how cars are meant to be driven.

  10. i agree that the show sucked, i mean sereously it was horrible compared to the British version, but i cant get over the fact that the British one only has european cars, and the american one drove cars that are available here in the US, and thats what i drive, not a tiny little hatchback, thats really the only reason i watched it.

  11. Becky Anthony says:

    I was really getting upset about canceling Top Gear USA! My husband and I love this show. We have been trying to find out what happened. We’ll be soooo glad when the new season starts! !!
    April 1. Very funny! Noooot! ! LOL you guys!

  12. Luke Hansen says:

    Well I liked Top gear usa better than the uk version…

  13. Jon tommason says:

    I think top gear us is far better than UK version more humor cooler ideas like driving four wheel drive trucks down snowy mountains.The BBC show is Boring!!!!!!

  14. is stupid to cancel the show you did not give it a chance

    1. Its firefly all over again!

  15. Got say it was a same. I like foust and rutledge but Adam not so much. With a potentially cancelled UK version (gosh I hope not). It was fun to watch and I would like too see its return even with the original cast.

  16. Don Helmrich says:

    If you want a hit show, just hire the UK Top Gear crew, they need work and it would make lots of money.

    1. They actually know how to make good TV too. 🙂

      1. Top gear usa is the best show ever and if someone says otherwise than their probably thinking its the stupid waist of time bbc version cause adam is funny and im actually watching the entire 4th season of top gear usa right know and by the way if sone has watched top gear bbc compared to top gear bbc they should change the channel cause the intro’s to bbc are SOOOOO stupid compared to the usa versons and the usa cast is awsone.

        1. I enjoyed the American Top Gear a lot. I would watch it every day. I enjoyed watching Tanner and Rutledge. Tanner is my favorite because he is an amazing driver and he picks out some cars that truly would want to own.

  17. How can you get eye cancer from a TV show?

  18. I think the US top Gear alwas and always will be the most awesome show on the History Channel. I loved it a lot I’m sad and crying that it is cancel BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!

    1. I think the US top Gear was and always will be the most awesome show on the History Channel. I loved it a lot I’m sad and crying that it is canceled BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!

  19. It was a crappy show, I gave 2 seasons. All three of the host are boring. If Adam Ferrara is a real comic it must be the money he was paid by the network that kept him from eating out of dumpster. Let not forget Tanner Foust, really he by be a good drift driver but he has not personality. He should just drift into the sunset and never be seen again in front of a camera. Now what were they thinking when they hired Rutledge Wood, he has no claim to fame. The real bad thing though that he was on one of the car auction shows that I watch, I just turned the show of, he is like a bad dream that keep coming back.

  20. Tryed to watch UK top gear , couldn’t make it through second episode terrible !!!! Us was great funny as hell & they talked about cars , what’s not to like !!!! So it is canceled ???

  21. erm you really think that was original uk top gear did that and more they left Hammond up the mountain for a few days god why do the USA rip off Brittan and then say there way was the first and the coolest when its already been done,
    Find something else like Saturday night tv to rip off next lol gl winning the adds

  22. I liked the show. They had an interesting take on their topics. Actually I found Ferrera to be the most lacking as a host. He had no car guy credentials, and could not hold up to either Faust or Wood.

    1. Shirley Tvrdy says:

      I totally agree with you. I also didn’t think Adam was very funny.

  23. Dude that sucks this top gear was the best american cars funny bbc is slow and very boring

  24. char kowalczyk says:

    Funny..Adam was the only one I couldn’t stand.

  25. Just get rid of Adam Fararra. He is a horrible choice. He knows nothing about cars and can’t drive very well. They should have stuck with Adam Carolla from the unaired original pilot.

  26. Bitter much? Was it as good as the UK version? Hell no. Was it better than no show? Yes. Enjoy watching static.

    1. I’m with you Tom… However.. I don’t get the love affair with the UK version…. It’s like watching paint dry! In fact.. I think the paint thing would pull in more viewers!

      1. Since the uk TopGear is now cancellled, but dont worry the rumour mill is rife that its due back under a new name and most likely not on the bbc. TopGear UK for anyone who doesnt get it was once a car show instead it became a show about 3 brittish gents and there experiences that occasionlly included cars. If you dont get british humour (dont be offended sometimes lack of exposure to a geographic location and say exposure to that current in joke or the dry humour that almost at times had pyton esk whiffs), its not your fault im sure there are a load of jokes the english dont get world over.

        If you dont like it turn over, however personally any car related show gets a star from off the batt in my book and with both i would consider then to have their worth and will be missed.

        Im glad they are all moving in appropirate directions to either get back into what they love or back onto another show to stay onscreen.

        Until then Ruts new show “Lost in Transmission” has a familure feel and fills a gap that was left for now, try it out if you havent already 🙂

        1. i also like Ruts new show “Lost in Transmission” . Better in some ways than TG USA

        2. Well said sting, and rutledge’s show LOST IN TRANSMISSION is awesome! But I like ol’ Rutledge, and I liked him on TOP GEAR. And….I liked TOP GEAR, it was a cool show.

  27. But it won’t bring back Jeremy Clarkson so you’re still at a loss.

  28. Rut sucksass says:

    Rutledge wood is nothing but a fat looser. He blocked me on Twitter for saying he needs us to laugh with him not at him.

  29. I am a a car guy, but the U.S. Version of Top Gear bored me. Top Gear BBC had much more interesting shows. They were for the most part funny interactions between the cast members. I cannot imagine the U.S. Version driving 1200 miles through Myanmar /Burma) and then building a bridge over the Cok River to drive their trucks over. The U.S. Version is not funny or interesting, so I do not care that they are canceling a poorly done show.

  30. I could watch Tanner Do his own show. His driving skill and personality are great. If Ferrara disagrees then he sees the world cross eyed. Rutledge is tolerable but not a star. I expect to see Tanner for years to come. He is a stig with a personality.

    1. Tanner Foust has a terrible on screen personality. He is stiff, bland, and does not deserve his own show. He is not even a good driver. Adam Ferrara at least knows how to work a crowd and camera. Rutledge Wood… well he likes Nascar so that is all I will say.

      We can agree to disagree Skip.

      1. Having only watched (fortunately) one Top Gear USA I probably am not qualified to comment. However the show was boring. I am a car guy and if there was anything interesting about the show I would have watched further shows. There is one thing that no one seems to realize. That to try and imitate BBC’s Top Gear was not a realistic endouver. Instead of imitating the producers should have come up with a totally new and different concept. Jay Leno gets this with Jay Lenos’s Garage. The producers of Top Gear USA probably lost money as well they should.
        Now hopefully Wheeler Dealer USA will go away. These guys have the worst taste in cars and restoration. Please, please go back to GB and ditz around there. Probably already have as sure as they have been laughed out of California

        1. Totally agree with you Keith. Top Gear US producers should have used the same format and framework but came up with new ideas. There was no way they could make it like original Top Gear.

  31. The US Top Gear was alright, though they tried way to hard to follow the UK version. Specially after Season 2 when they dropped studio stuff and only did the challenge stuff… though more or less just copied what they did in the UK almost to a T with some of the things they did.

    As for the cast itself, Adam Ferrara, was alright I guess. I don’t really know who he is outside of seeing him on the show. Rutledge Wood was pretty funny sometimes… but that’s it. However, Tanner Foust was just insufferable most of the time and arrogant to a fault with how good a driver he thought he was. I know the show was trying to recreate the chemistry from the UK version, but they failed at it.

  32. anon ahole says:

    Idk it wasn’t that bad but once they ditched the hanger scene it wasn’t Top Gear anymore. BUT production felt the American viewers would rather not have the Hanger and imagine that, they get rid of it and ratings go to hell with ok ratings but with only the ones left that bother to watch it because UK is on vacation just not good enough.

    I hope the UK teams new show works out for them now that they don’t work for Top Gear anymore.

  33. I watched both top gears and though i liked uk much more that us, it didn’t give eye cancer by any means. I though the hosts Adam, Tanner, and Rutledge were funny

  34. I didn’t think it was that bad. Yeah could been better but so could many shows. The Three of them had good onscreen chemistry IMO. Sad it went off but Tanner Faust made the show for me.

  35. Tom creter says:

    I don’t know. I like. Hope I don’t get eye cancer though. Bklyn

  36. Garrett Lee Henning says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. God dammit

  37. President - The CA Chapter Of Band Adam Ferrara From Acting says:

    Adam believed he was the “best host”!? That could NOT have been farther from the truth. He knows nothing of cars, has no driving ability… his damn nickname was the wrecker. How pathetic. Hate to see the show is back in 2016. Especially disgusted that Adam is still part of the show.

  38. Looks like the shows back, cant imagine why, did adam guess, was it ever really cancelled?

  39. Obvious UK top gear is got Matt Leblanc @ Chris ,think the timing when clarkson @ his mates lost,or quit,however seam to put the death nail in T/G USA,Australia has also canceled (T/G) there must be what most fans catch ,clarkson,Hammond, may,on there new show premiering on amazon prime. No confirmend air date of yet.However may said Autumn? Congratulations guys always enjoy the ride.S.B.L

  40. Robert Bowers says:

    One may have thought the cancellation of Top Gear USA was a good thing. Having seen Top Gear American which replaced it I want the old one back. The replacement is horrendous. I thought it could not get worse than Top Gear Australia or the new BBC Topgera – but it is about on par with Top Gear with the loud mouth red head.

  41. Thanks for continually calling me an idiot.

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