Jaguar releases “Desire” at Sundance to showcase new Jaguar F-Type

jaguar f-type

Jaguar recently released a new film during a private screening at the Sundance London film and music festival titled “Desire” featuring the companies new flagship sports car, the Jaguar F-Type.  While the initial showing of “Desire” was private Jaguar didn't want to keep it that way.  So they released the short movie on Youtube for everyone. Check it out;

British actor Damian Lewis stars in the short 13 minute movie.  You might remember Damian Lewis from “Band of Brothers.”  (He's also got a Golden Globe & Emmy Award too.)  Alongside him the beautiful actress Shannyn Sossamon and Jordi Molla costar.   The other star in the movie is of course the Jaguar F-Type.

Additionally the much loved indie queen and singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey wrote an exclusive song, ‘Burning Desire,' for the short film.  I assume Lana Del Ray was inspired by the awesomenes of the Jaguar F-Type  “It's just good to know now, with people like Jaguar and working with them, that I'm not the only one out there with such strident, creative beliefs.” mentioned Del Ray.  Not sure what that means but I think it means she likes the Jaguar F-type.

Well in case you didn't know the Jaguar F-Type is the first two-seater sports car from Jaguar since the iconic Jaguar E-TYPE was launched 50 years ago.  Many people considered the E-Type one of the greatest road cars ever built and the Jaguar F-Type has been getting great reviews from the auto media.  Hopefully I will be able to drive one soon.

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VW Teaser Video “Sunny Side” with Youtube Stars

This is another Super Bowl 2013 VW Commercial, well teaser video, which I think it really is funny.  It shows a bunch of Youtube Stars (if that's what you call them) having freakouts over something.

At the end of the video all the Youtube Stars are getting together and trying to “Get Happy” with Jimmy Cliff.  Some of the videos I had never seen of heard of but it still was funny.

The best part of the teaser video is that you don't realize it's and ad for VW until the end.  I found in entertaining, distracting, and memorable.  Three components in my opinion of a what a great commercial and particularly Super Bowl 2013 commercial should be.

Btw… if anyone from VW is reading this did you know I have two Singing Dogs?  I think they would be great in a Super Bowl commercial.  🙂

Got a opinion about this VW “Sunny Side” Teaser Video?  Let me know in the comments below!

Have you heard about the controversy over the VW Beetle Commercial being Racist?  Please checkout my article about it and also share your opinion about that.

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2013 Ford Explorer Sport Interior and Exterior Tour

Here are some quick video tours of the brand new 2013 Ford Explorer Sport.  These Youtube videos should give you a good idea of what the interior and exterior look like without actually having to go test drive a Ford Explorer Sport.  I think the Ford Explorer is a slick looking SUV inside and out, but watch and decide for yourself.  Please also checkout the video interview with Bill Gubing, the Chief Engineer on the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport, I posted since it's pretty fun.

Interview with Bill Gubing, Chief Engineer of the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport

Here is a short video interview that Nicolas Zart did with Bill Gubing, chief engineer on the new 2013 Ford Explorer Sport, during a Ford ride and drive event in Santa Monica.  Bill seems very excited about the new 2013 Ford Explorer Sport and discusses the new handling and upgrade suspension characteristics of the Ford Explorer Sport.  As he says the new Ford Explorer Sport is a true “Driver's Car” and I definitely agree with him.

“Minivans Are Just Not Cool!” According to Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab, the financial and investment company, ran a contest called “Oh Chuck! I Blew My Cash.”  It asked people to tell Charles Schwab the most ridiculous items or products they have blown money on.  The company released this promotional “Minivan” video on Youtube to promote the contest.

It shows a women telling Chuck about how she came to buy a $20,000 minivan.  She meet a guy, things were going really well, so he proposed!  Of course he did what most guys would do at the site of a minivan… bolt!  Chuck precedes to tell Carrie about what would have been better options for that money (I mean he is Charles Schwab) and says, “Minivans are just not cool!”

The story sounds so ridiculous, but it raises an important automotive question.  What does this say about Minivans?  Are they just so uncool that not even a billionaire financial adviser and successful entrepreneur like Charles Schwab can recommend buying one?  Are minivans a signal in our culture and society the we are in fact “not cool” anymore?  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

If this story is true, I think Carrie should have win the contest! 🙂