Congratulations Jason & Zsaleh!

In honor of my brother Jason getting married today, I made this video.  I had fun making it and I hope people have fun watching it.  We all wish Jason and Zsaleh the best of luck.  Cody and Sierra certainly send their wishes too!  Congratulations!

When You Wish Upon a Star

Here is Cody and Sierra's latest video.  We do “When You Wish Upon a Star” aka the Disney theme song.  It seems the dogs singing is getting better, as my Saxophone playing is getting slightly worse.  Honestly…. this was a practice version that we got on camera.  Our best songs are not recorded!  Argh!  Also I need to take my saxophone to a woodwind technician for servicing.


Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day!  I hope all the great Moms out there (including mine) had a great day.  Hopefully you were treated to a nice breakfast, outing, or got a nice gift from the family.

I thought I would post this video to show how being a mother is a natural thing.  It's amazing how sweet Sierra is with her “puppy!”  She carries it around the house, cleans it, plays with it, and washes it throughly.  It's quite entertaining and fascinating.  Hope you enjoy it.