John Dillinger’s car at BWI

Saturday morning I was at BWI in the Southwest terminal.  While I was checking in, I noticed an interesting old red car on display. Naturally I walked up to see what the car was.  To my surprise, it was one of John Dillinger's getaway cars!  To be more precise it was a 1933 Essex Terraplane.   Dillinger was a famous bank robber during the depression.  He was considered a hero for robbing banks, since the majority of Americans were so poor in those days.  The car on display was used in several bank robberies by Dillinger and his posse.  Fairly recently there was a feature film, Public Enemies, about his life and crime spree.  Johnny Deep played Dillinger and it was an interesting movie.

Next time you are flying out of BWI and flying Southwest, definitely take a minute to check out the car.  It was very cool.  Take a look at some of my pictures below.