Ford Mustang Birthday Card aims to Break World Record

ford mustang birthday card

Ford Mustang is turning 50 next week and Mustang fans around the world are being invited to sign an electronic birthday card for the iconic American car.  Ford's goal with the Ford Mustang Birthday E-Card is to break a world record for most contributions with more than 50,000 signatures and messages on an electronic card.

Over the course of five decades the Ford Mustang has become one of the most popular cars every sold with sales of more than 9 million units to date.  Ford is hoping all the fans built up over the years for the Mustang will participate by signing the card, leaving a message, and then sharing the link on social media networks and bookmarking sites.

“The spirit of Mustang infuses everything we do at Ford,” said Steve Ling, car marketing manager for Ford. “Mustang inspires a feeling of freedom and independence for drivers and fans, and it helps to inspire everyone at Ford to create the best products we can for all of our customers in every segment.”

When April 17th, 2015 rolls around it will mark 50 years since Mustang officially went on sale and Ford is pulling out all the public relations stunts they can to honor the occasion.  The new 2015 Ford Mustang convertible will be placed on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, dual celebrations organized by the Mustang Club of America will take place, and there will be a great American Pony Drive and an employee celebration at Ford Motor Company headquarters.  Ford is definitely going to party for this occasion.

Everyone who wants to help commemorate 50 years of Mustang can  add their own birthday message for their favorite car here:  Remember Ford needs over 50,000+ signatures and messages to break the world record.

Baltimore Auto Show Coverage with Pictures!

I am a bit late in posting these pictures of the Baltimore Auto Show, but better late than never.  The 2012 Baltimore Auto Show was not too much to brag about though.  There were considerably less cars this year and no luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Porsche. Baltimore being poor, I guess it isn't surprising they didn't show this year.  Also there were no exotic cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc.  Worst part of all, no tuner alley!  It was a big letdown compared to the Washington Auto Show.

While I love seeing the new models automakers are offering and what is in store for new year in the car world, I felt the recent Baltimore Auto Show showed how depressed the economy was.  Through the grapevine I heard the convention center tripled there rates, which explained most of it.  Even considering that the displays weren't anything to brag about and people were generally not having much fun it seemed.  It sort of felt like 2008 was happening in the all over again, but hey this is 2012.

I hope next year will reflect a more robust car market and economy.  Also hopefully the Convention Center will lower their rates!