BMW Welt has a Record 2013

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BMW Welt in 2013 attracted an amazing 2.93 million visitors, a new record for BMW Welt. Since the facility opened in October 2007 BMW Welt has become a major tourist attraction in Bavaria and BMW Welt was named Germany’s best design location at the 2013 Location Awards. In addition master chef Bobby Bräuer and his team earned a Michelin star and 18 points in the Gault Millau guide for the restaurant “EssZimmer” located at the facility.

“Our expanded brand worlds, new and established event formats and gourmet restaurant “EssZimmer” delighted more guests than ever.” said Thomas Muderlak, head of BMW Welt.

The 2.93 million BMW Welt visitors represent an increase of almost 20 percent compared to 2012. Last year 2.45 million people visited BMW Welt in Munich. According to BMW around 60 percent came from Germany, with the remainder from all over the world which includes the U.S., Russia and Asia, and the neighboring countries of Austria and Italy. Almost 40 percent of guests have visited BMW Welt more than once. In total, more than 14 million people have visited BMW Welt since it opened in 2007.

BMW Delivers 100,000 vehicles to Customers

Customers come to BMW Welt from all over the globe to take delivery of their new BMW for the company's European Delivery Program. A total of 21,500 BMW owners, the highest number ever, picked-up their brand new BMW in 2013. Almost 3,000 of them had participated in the program before. Around 10 percent of those collecting their cars came from the U.S.

In July 2013, BMW Welt delivered the 100,000th vehicles since BMW Welt opened in 2007; and in November, the first all electric BMW i3 models were handed over to customers. A number of celebrities, including TV presenter Thomas Gottschalk and opera singer Eva Lind, also came to BMW Welt to collect their new car in person.

Special Events and Celebrities

More than 40 events and programs brought visitors to BMW Welt in 2013. This includes the The BMW Welt Jazz Awards holdings its fifth event while guests enjoyed several matinee performances of Jazz music. At the Munich Crime Fiction Festival there were several celebrities including TV actress Andrea Sawatzki who made her crime fiction debut and best-selling Norwegian author Jo Nesbø presented his latest novel. In June, musicians and Grammy award winner Frank Ocean launched his world tour at BMW Welt and “The Overtones” opened Munich’s “Long Night of Music” to a crowd of around 1,500 eager fans. The “MINI Club Series – Good To See You” welcomed renowned DJs from the national and international clubbing scene, including Danish DJ and producer Trentemoller and techno legend Westbam. The busiest weekend of the year was the “Two-wheeler days” with 35,000 attendees in July. The year also came to a grand close with the “Night of Colors”, the spectacular New Year’s Eve party for over 3,000 guests.

Also The BMW Welt Event Forum set a new records by hosting 48,000 guests and 444 external events. This events included the 12th Bavarian Sports’ Award; presentation of the Munich Film Festival’s CineMerit Award; the high-profile gala evening for the Eckart Witzigmann award; and the International Cardiology Congress.

Restaurant Awards for “EssZimmer”

BMW Welt and its food partner Feinkost Käfer opened the restaurant “EssZimmer” in the Spring. Just 8 months later, Bobby Bräuer and his team earned a spot in the Michelin food guide, which is considered a prestigious honor in the food world. The Michelin guide described “Esszimmer” as “the newest, most spectacular gourmet restaurant” in Munich and Bobby Bräuer as a “godsend for the local gourmet community”. The top chef was received additional recognition by being named “Rising star of the year” in the Aral Schlemmeratlas restaurant guide.

With BMW Welt being right across from BMW's headquarters, and housing the BMW museum, it's a place any BMW fan has to visit at least once. Will you plan a visit there next time you are in Germany?

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BMW claims BMW Mechanic infringes on their Trademark


A BMW mechanic named Eward Ronayne can't use ‘BMW' to offer his garage services to the public. Ronayne who operate his garage in Cloonfad, Roscommon (that is in Ireland) was sued by the German automaker claiming that he was using the trademark in a “parasitic” sense all because he was promoting his car repair services online.

Mr. Justice Sean Ryan referred to Eward Ronayne as “not a man looking for a name for his business but making a business out of a name.” This all because he used the term “BMWCare” on his website. The reason BMW doesn't like is that they feel it is confusing since they call their services at dealerships in Ireland BMWCare from what I can tell. The Justice that he “merely added a common descriptive word which amounted to taking on the plaintiff's identity. ”

Mr. Ronayne is most likely going to have to transfer the domain names that he owns pertaining to his business over to BMW. He will also have to destroy products he has that show the BMW trademark on his business. The judge will make a decision on this in the new year and the Irish mechanic could face monetary infringement charges as well.

In court BMW cited that they spend €4 million Euros, about $5.6 million US dollars, a year on advertising in the Emerald Isle (Ireland) and they didn't have an objection to a mechanic saying they work on BMW cars, but it must be in a way that is legally ok with them.

Eward Ronayne case against BMW as that the the use of BMW in his domain name did not infringe according to the 1996 Trade Marks Act. He also believed he was in compliance with a 1997 European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision on trademarks that involved another German automaker, Porsche. Studying the ECJ act he was under the impression it was perfectly within the law to use BMW and say he was an “independent specialist” for the brand. According to the Irish courts though using BMW's name are not authorized under the ECJ decision.

Ronayne has been operating his garage since around 2005 and carrying out various BMW repairs. Do you think it is right for BMW to claim trademark infringement for “BMWCare” on an independent mechanic? Do believe BMW is twisting the trademark laws in Ireland? We would love to hear opinions and comments about this.

*Thanks to Geraldine Herbert from Wheels for Women for the story tip.

[Source – Independent]

2013 Ford Explorer Sports – First Test Drive Impressions

What can you say about the new 2013 Ford Explorer?  In a nutshell it is the new redesigned Ford Explorer and is the synthesis of an American SUV with European styling and handling.  The interior was nice and well appointed which made me feel I was in a luxury Lincoln.  Makes you wonder what Ford will do with the Lincoln version of it.  The model I had was a beautiful black and pretty brown leather seats.  The 2013 Explorer Sport has some nice features but the re-engineering is what won me.

Ford's head engineer on the 2013 Ford Explorer emphasized that have improved to make a stiffer body with reinforcements in key structural areas.  Under the two fronts seats where they attached to the floor, there is a bar that stiffens the body, right across the transmission tunnel.  There is another stiffening bar behind the front shocks that is also behind the engine.

What was interesting to hear is that Ford Explorer weight split is 60/40 vehicle but the drivetrain can go into pure 50/50.  There is a convenient knob on the central console where you can select Desert, Forest and Ice mode, each giving you more or less torque if different driving conditions.

Although you sit high, as with any other SUV, it felt responsive and tight… at least tighter than any other SUV I've driven.  I would imagine the Porsche and Maserati could easily out handle the 2013 Ford Explorer, but not its price.  It's a SUV and has limits but more than a few BMWs on twisty roads were surprised by the powerful SUV keeping pace with their German vehicles.  Worse case handling scenario, the rear has a hard time understanding what the front is doing but obliges willingly and follows the curve.

Purist will hate the paddle shifting mounted on the steering wheel instead of the column, but I suspect 90% of its clientele won't know or care what paddle shifters are or even bother to use them.  I found myself a few times coming out of a curve wanting to shift but not being able to figure out which paddle was up or down.  One very nice touch are the good looking 20-inch wheels with “Sport” engraved in them.  The brakes have been generously upgraded for the Sport version for the extra power.

All in all, this is yet another Ford achievement as the company positions itself to compete with the more power and performance oriented SUV market, but at an affordable price.  I found the SUV easy to drive in traffic and even fun to bounce around canyon roads.  The engine comes alive at over 3,000 but not once will it intrude inside your plush felt cabin.  The only thing you will hate on the road if you own a Sport version is to see an older Explorer in front of you heavily braking at every curves.  This SUV is meant to go fast, cruise around town and everything in between.

Timonium Motorcycle Show brings Bikes & Bikers to MD

If you love motorcycles, chrome, leather, and hot babes, than the 2012 Timonium Motorcycle Show was the place for you to be.  The Timonium Motorcycle Show takes place at the Maryland State Fairgrounds every year in February and is one of the largest indoor bike shows up and down the Mid-Atlantic. The show covers around 750,000 square feet of floor space and features all sorts of exciting events and bikes over the three days it takes place.

This year's show, which took place February 10th-12th, was a cold weekend. A little cold never keeps bikers away as the parking lot was packed, as usual. Walking in from the parking lot you can always tell the enormity of the event by the all the out-of-state license plates, Virginia, Pennsylvania, even as far away as North Carolina. Luckily those people didn't drive all that way for nothing as this year's show was quite good.

Walking into the entrance you are greeted by a glorious display of Harley-Davidson motorcycles showcased by Harley-Davidson of Baltimore. My favorite Harley at the show? Honestly… it is too hard to decide.

Behind the Harley-Davidson display was Bob's BMW with their exciting BMW offerings, which included the special K-1300S HP package. Improving upon BMW's amazing K-1300 S, the K-1300 S HP package offers a 175-horsepower with carbon parts for the front wheel cover, battery cover and rear seat cowling, making the bike light. It also has a beautiful Akrapović sports silencer and a paddock stand. Only 750 of these amazing motorcycle will be made, which is disappointing, but at least I was able to see one.

Victory Motorcycles was also at the show. The bike everyone always seems to crowd I have noticed is the Victory Vision Tourer. It's striking lines and amazing shape really catch the eye and make a lot of people stop to take a closer look.  It screams, “Ride me!”

Some other brands I enjoyed seeing at Timonium Motorcycle Show were Triumph and Indian. There is something about the classic look of the Triumph Bonneville and Triumph Scramblers which is so hard not to love. It takes me back to a simpler time, when I wasn't even alive! I talked with the salesmen about how it has been selling motorcycles in this economy and it seems Triumph sales have endured. As the Bonneville is a popular among celebrities and Marlon Brando rode a Triumph in the famous movie “The Wild One.”

The beautiful Indian Chiefs on display form Indian Motorcycles of New Jersey were quite amazing too. Lots of people stopped and commented on how beautiful the bikes were.  Better save your money because the least expensive Chief model starts around $26,000.  Worth, probably.

There were also many custom bikes at the show.  Paul Teutal Jr.'s first he built after he split from Orange County Choppers was on display at the Geico Insurance booth.  The Geico Insurance bike is a cool looking bike, but it has fairly useless infrared sensor. One of my favorites at the show every year is a motorcycle dedicated to The Beatles. The gas tank is adorned with the famous Abbey Road album cover picture. Who doesn't love the Beatles? Most interesting vehicle of any kind would have to be the Monocycle. That thing must be hard to ride and control!  There were countless other amazing custom motorcycles at the show as well.

Every bike enthusiasts has a different style and taste, and most likely you will find something that will suit your style at the Timonium Motorcycle Show.  Since this year was the 10th Anniversary of the show, it felt particularly exciting experience. If you missed it this year, be sure to check it out next year.  See my pictures below and check out my International Bikini Team Contest coverage.

2012 ‘Best Of’ Award Winners

Judge’s Choice Best of Show:  #5702 Denny Ritchie / 2010 Roadkill Chopper

People’s Choice Best of Show:  #5715 Rick Levitan / 2002 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide – ‘Beatles Themed Bike’

Best Display of Show:  #5505 Curtis Wolfe / 1966 Harley Davidson Sportster

Best Handcrafted Parts:  #5711 Troy Helmick  / 1974 Honda CL 360

Best Paint of Show:  #5207 Kevin Webb / 2007 Harley Davidson Nightrain

3rd Annual Beatris Landis Memorial Award for Best Antique

Best Antique of Show:   #5818 Brian Kehoe / 1939 Indian Jr. Scout

Publishers Choice Award – Presented By Born to Ride Magazine

#3010 John Nicklin / 1976 Honda Radical Trike

For pictures of the winners check Timonium Motorcycle Show's Website.

Baltimore Auto Show Coverage with Pictures!

I am a bit late in posting these pictures of the Baltimore Auto Show, but better late than never.  The 2012 Baltimore Auto Show was not too much to brag about though.  There were considerably less cars this year and no luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Porsche. Baltimore being poor, I guess it isn't surprising they didn't show this year.  Also there were no exotic cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc.  Worst part of all, no tuner alley!  It was a big letdown compared to the Washington Auto Show.

While I love seeing the new models automakers are offering and what is in store for new year in the car world, I felt the recent Baltimore Auto Show showed how depressed the economy was.  Through the grapevine I heard the convention center tripled there rates, which explained most of it.  Even considering that the displays weren't anything to brag about and people were generally not having much fun it seemed.  It sort of felt like 2008 was happening in the all over again, but hey this is 2012.

I hope next year will reflect a more robust car market and economy.  Also hopefully the Convention Center will lower their rates!