Dont’ Buy Trico Flex Wiper Blades!

The other day I went to the auto parts store to pick-up some Trico Flex Wiper Blades I had purchased online for my Mom's Chrysler van.  (I usually do this to save time and hassle.)  I assumed spending money on the frameless wipers, like the Trico Flex Wiper Blades, would be a good investment.  However, when I went to install one of the Trico Flex wipers on one side of the van, I noticed that it wouldn't fit.  I thought for a minute I was doing something wrong and starting fuss with the wiper arm and the wiper blade.  This is when I noticed what the problem was.

The Trico Flex has the wiper attachment mechanism on one side of the wiper blade instead of being embedded in the into it the body, like most wipers.   This makes the Trice Flex line of wiper blades not usable for a lot of vehicles like my Mom's van.  Talking with the girl at the auto parts store only confirmed this.  She told me when I returned the wiper blades, “Yeah, I need to exchange a lot of those because they won't fit on customers vehicles.”  I returned the Tricos and got another frameless wiper for the other side.  It was kind of ridiculous and a waste of my time.  Wish I had taken a picture before I returned the blades so people could see what I am talking about.

Some stupid Trico engineer probably thought this was a smart move.  I am fairly sure he/she has never actually every installed wiper blades on a car though or they would have realized this serious design flaw.  Bottom line Don't But Trico Flex wiper blades and save yourself hassle.

I recommend Bosch Icon frameless wipers and have them installed on my Honda Accord.  They are usually expensive, but worth the cost and investment since they last for quite a long time.  The set on my Accord have been installed for a year without a problem.


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Adam loves cars and anything with wheels. He has many interests and passions but he especially loves writing and blogging. Hence starting this auto blog.

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Adam loves cars and anything with wheels. He has many interests and passions but he especially loves writing and blogging. Hence starting this auto blog.

8 thoughts on “Dont’ Buy Trico Flex Wiper Blades!”

  1. Wiperqueen says:

    You should have used the Neoform’s. Trico blades are the best, if you really know about vehicles.

    1. I recommend and usually buy Bosch Icon frameless wipers. They are the best wipers out there in my opinion and are worth the money, but maybe not for a 15 year old van. Just so you know I exchanged them for the Neoforms, even though they were more expensive.

      I know about vehicles but everyone, even master mechanics, learn something new about them everyday. Besides, nobody can know every poorly designed auto part that is sold out at auto parts store!

  2. Did you bother using the adapter that cimes with then???

  3. I know this is an old post but I just purchased these for my wife’s Jetta(overpriced in-store vs Amazon but I digress). As jaari said the adapter should have worked had you used it. Keep in mind the blades I took off the Jetta also had the latch mechanism ’embedded’ onto the blade. rtfm mate:)

    1. Elizabeth says:

      This is probably really old, but we are having trouble getting the Flex adapter to slide into the Jetta wiper arm. There seems to be a small ridge that prevents installation. Wondering if you have any advice.

  4. If you would have looked on the manual to see if it fit your car you wouldnt have had a problem. I looked at the manuel got the size i needed and worked like a charm. Love the wipers too.

  5. Some cars like my Infiniti use offset wiper mounts like that on the oem wipers. The bosch ends up not covering my whole windshield because the mount is at the top

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