Best Floor Jack Ever, Arcan XL35R from Costco

Arcan Floor Jack (11)
Arcan Floor Jack

If you need a Floor Jack, look no further than Costco!  I got this Arcan XL35R Floor Jack from Costco, when I bought my floormats.  The price for the Arcan jack was $100, which was a great deal on a floor jack of this quality and weight capacity.  (Actually we renewed our Costco membership just to get this jack, so in essence it was $150.)  The Arcan Floor Jack is rated for 3.5 Tons or 7000 pounds.

arcan floor jack box

So far I have only used the Arcan Floor Jack to lift-up my Mom's Chrysler van (aka the Crapler).  However, I can already tell what a great jack this is.  Lifting the van was like, “cutting through butter” as they say.  It lifted the backside up with ease and little effort on my part.  Even a lot of professional floor jacks I have used require a little muscle to get the vehicle up.  It has a low lift height of 3.5 inches, and goes to almost 21 inches.  The design also makes it easy to get under the rear tire of the van, where as most jacks might get stuck.  I am extremely impressed with the quality of the Arcan.

arcan xl35r floor jack

Best part about it, if the floor jack ever breaks, you can return it to Costco for a refund or exchange.  No Questions Asked!   Even a few years later if it breaks, they will accept a return.  Costco has has a great return policy and makes sure it's customers are happy with all purchases.

My only complaints are it is a bit heavy at a little over 100 pounds.  I hurt my back getting it out of the car and out of the box.  Of course, I would rather have a solid floor jack made from good metal and steel, rather than a cheap one.

arcan floor jack box

I don't think I could have found a better floor jack, at a better price.  Even with having to renew our Costco membership for $50, I still think it was worth that cost.  If you are in the market for a floor jack, I highly recommend you buy an Arcan XL35R from Costco.  If you know someone who needs a floor jack, this might make a great Christmas gift.  Of course, you might have a difficult time getting it under the tree.

Recently at a car show I saw a company that sells professional equipment to auto repair shops selling the Arcan XL35, which is basically the same model, for $160.  Most stores and retailers I have seen sell it for that price or a lot more.  Kind of crazy Costco offers such a good price and return policy on a floor jack like the Arcan.  I would even say the Arcan XL35R is the Best Floor Jack I have ever used and probably one the Best Deals in tools or equipment you will find out there.

costco floor jack

Where to Buy Arcan Floor Jack

Amazon actually carries a few Arcan Floor Jack models with Prime Shipping if you prefer to have items delivered right to your house.   There is the Arcan XL20 – 2 Ton Capacity Low Profile Floor Jack which seems like a great option if you don't have a Costco near your house and are already an Amazon Prime member.  There is also two lightweight Aluminum Arcan Floor Jacks available on Amazon, the Arcan ALJ2T Aluminum Jack with a 2 Ton Capacity and for those with slightly larger cars the Arcan ALJ3T with a 3 Ton Capacity.   (The Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack goes in and out of stock on Amazon.)

floor jack

I should let people know I have not bought or used the Arcan XL20, Arcan ALJ3T, or the Arcan ALJ2T but I feel that the Arcan makes such a good products I wouldn't hesitate to buy any one of those jacks, site unseen.  My Arcan XL35R is such a good floor jack for the price is still blows my mind.

If you have any questions about this Arcan XL35R Floor Jack I have, feel free to leave a comment below.  I will any questions as quickly and the best way I can.  Also if you found this post helpful please share it on your favorite auto or vehicle forum and share it on social media.  This helps me continue to produce useful articles, videos, and audio content online.

Click Here to Order an Arcan Floor Jack

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Arcan Floor Jack

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Adam loves cars and anything with wheels. He has many interests and passions but he especially loves writing and blogging. Hence starting this auto blog.

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Adam loves cars and anything with wheels. He has many interests and passions but he especially loves writing and blogging. Hence starting this auto blog.

27 thoughts on “Best Floor Jack Ever, Arcan XL35R from Costco”

  1. Where are you located? My local Costco does not carry this jack, but I want it! I am near San Francisco, CA

    1. Hello Andre,

      I believe most Costcos around the country carry this floor jack. Sometimes it will sellout, because it is a popular item. The Arcan Floor Jack item is #300930. I would call and ask before a store in your area if there any in stock. Even if that store does not have it in stock, they can check inventory at other stores.

      Auto Adam

  2. I took a look at the Arcan jack while at Costco. It was hard. To tell however it appeared that the saddle would not accommodate a cross beam adapter very well if at all. It looked as though if the saddle plate were removed that the hole left in the saddle would not go very deep. Again, it was hard to tell from how high the display was.

    1. That is a good question. I haven’t tried to use a crossbeam adapter on it. The Arcan Floor Jack certainly feels sturdy enough to handle one though. I am sure people have built ones at home to accommodate this jack. Thanks for commenting Henry.

  3. I have used this Arcan jack on many cars now. The more I use it, the more I like it! It handles jacking up all different types of vehicles with ease. You really can’t, and I mean can’t, beat this jack for the money!

  4. Hello,

    I just bought one of these today and it seems like a very sturdy jack and picks the car up pretty quick. One thing I noticed is when trying to lower it slowly (to rest the car on jack stands) it was jerky. It would go slow for about 1/4 inch and then stop. I let the release out a little more and it will drop fast for 1/4 inch and stop. Seems to be a little better if I shake the handle but it is still annoying. Have you noticed this when using yours? I am trying to decide if I should exchange mine for another one or just return it all together.


    1. @chaddy
      I personally have not had any issues with the lowering mechanism and have found it to be responsive. It lowers slowly when I want it to and quickly when I want it to. It is definitely sensitive and works well in my opinion.

      I would recommend continuing to use it and if you still have any problems with the Arcan, just exchange it. You are not going to find a better floor jack for $100! Especially one you can return easily or exchange several years down the road. Thank you for commenting chaddy.

  5. Raised in the Air Force, and now retired after 20+ years, I’ve been a technologist all my life.
    You name it, I can fix it! So, when a buddy offered me a XL35R that had one piston sticking, for $25.00 cash, I grabbed it!

    After dismantling the jack, and freeing up that sticking piston, she lifts the old truck to
    full height in 12 strokes! It was a pleasant 2 hours of tinkering! She needed two ounces of jack oil, and a good cleaning, but, she has a new home in my garage!

    1. This is a great Floor Jack and I have had no problems using it. Thanks for sharing your story Jack Man!

    2. @Jack man
      How did you reset those overload valve adjustments after you took it apart ? Thanks, Will

  6. I have what i believe could be the previous version of the XL35R, the AJ-35. Only difference i know of is mine is not low profile (5-21″ lift, not 3.5-21″) & mine has a 2-piece red handle. I bought mine at Costco back around 2001 for $80 in Kansas City. Mine still works good today! Do not let the low price scare you off, just buy it. Dont buy Harbor Freight (HF), Torin or Craftsman jacks. Torin & Craftsman do have decent jack stands tho. But i would not save a few bucks by putting my life in danger by using HF lifting/holding equipment. I would like to know the difference between the XL35 (black) & the XL35R (‘R’ for just Red?)? I see the XL35 is usually on sale @ Northern Tool for around $130.

    1. Thanks for your input and info on the Arcan floor jack Steven. Good to know it’s a durable floor jack even after 10+ years.

      Yes, it is definitely better than any Harbor Freight POS floor jacks I’ve used. I’m still think this Arcan is better than some professional grade floor jacks I’ve been able to use in the past. For the price you really can’t beat it and I don’t see why you would buy anything else.

      If you don’t have a Costco near you I would just order it online. Worth if even if you have to pay shipping.

  7. Greg Jewett says:

    My XL 35 A professional low profile Jack broke I need parts where can I get them

    1. I guess you didn’t buy your Arcan Floor Jack at Costco Greg? I assume if you contact Arcan you can get replacement parts for the floor jack. Unsure of how much they are or what is available though.

      Hate to say this… but I’d probably just buy a new Arcan XL35 if I was in your situation as they are so inexpensive for what you get and they are really durable and reliable. It’s almost more hassle getting replacement parts unless you are just doing it for fun or want to be environmentally friendly by not throwing out your current Arcan floor jack.

  8. Johh Drake says:

    Can you still purchase the Arcan XL35R Floor Jack thru Costco’s?

  9. Jacinto gomez says:

    How can I fix mine it doesn’t go up plz help

  10. Have relatively new Arcan jack shown, purchased at Costco. Has loud metal on metal type squeak; greased accessible parts, no luck. Any suggestions other than take it back? Thx

  11. Scottrse1 says:

    Nice to hear as I already ordered the 3 ton Arcan jack from Costco. They didn’t have any in stock at my local Costco. I had to laugh at the Crapler comment. I owned one years ago and will never own another Crapler product. Thanks for your review

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