Paul Walker’s brothers replacing him in Fast & Furious 7

caleb walker cody walker paul walker

Readers will remember the tragic passing of actor Paul Walker best know for his role as Brian O’Connor in the Fast and the Furious movies.  Walker died last year in December after an accident in his friend’s Porsche GT coming back from a charity event.

While his family, friends, and fans of Paul Walker are upset about the actor’s death, this left Universal Studios with the conundrum of how to figure out a way to salvage the Fast & Furious 7 movie and the entire franchise.  Reportedly Universal has already dropped $150 million dollars into filming.  The issue Universal has is what do they do with the character of Brian O’Connor?  Roughly half of the scenes in the movie were shot with Paul Walker.

Universal is currently shooting the scenes they were not able to get with Walker with four body-doubles.  In post production they will use computer generated imagery (CGI) to recreate Paul Walker’s face in those scenes on the body-doubles.  Since CGI has come along way it will be interesting to see how this is pulled off.  The issue with this though is you still need someone that sounds like Paul Walker.

Luckily for Universal Paul Walker has two younger brothers, Caleb Walker and Cody Walker.  It’s been confirmed by the studio both of them will act as voice-overs in scenes filmed with the body-doubles in Fast and Furious 7.  This is ideal for Cody Walker, 25, since he was already working as a stuntman on the new Fast and Furious movie.  I’m sure Caleb Walker is happy to do this as well as Universal has indicated they will donate profits from Fast and Furious 7 to Paul Walker’s charity.

What’s odd to CarNewsCafe is why didn’t they have Cody Walker brush up on some acting skills, then play him in the movie.  Use someone that looks and sounds like Brian O’Connor seems like a lot less work but hey, that’s just our opinion.  It’s yet to be seen if Caleb Walker or Cody Walker were offered to be in future movies in the franchise.

It was thought the scriptwriter might write in Walker’s real death into the movie but most felt that was in bad taste.  It seems that using the body doubles along with Caleb Walker and Cody Walker as voice overs is probably the most ideal solution.  Although if it will work has yet to be seen.

The movie is going to come out next April.  I’m sure after that Universal Studios is still keen to keep the 13 year-old movie franchise going strong.

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Motown’s “Nowhere to Run” Video shot in a Ford Mustang Plant [VIDEO]

martha reeves and the vandellas

There are two things people think of when people say “Detroit!” cars and Motown.  So to celebrate the Ford Mustang’s 50th birthday I thought I would post a cool video of the song Nowhere to Run with Martha Reeves and the Vandellas.  (The Vandellas are Annette Beard and Rosalind Ashford.)  The video was shot on a live Ford Mustang production line in 1965 at the Ford Rogue plant.  Checkout the music video of Marth and the Vandellas singing while Ford Mustangs get assembled and put together.

Marth and the Vandellas “Nowhere to Run” – Ford Mustang Plant

Pretty cool, right?  It was shot while 1965 Ford Mustang’s were getting built on the assembly line.  Martha Reeves on filming in the Ford Mustang plant and how they did some of the first music videos ever;

Berry [Gordy] had the brilliant idea to make the first videos ever. He took us to the Ford Motor Company and they built the Mustang while we sang Nowhere to Run We had to get on the line and off the line. The guys, the workers that were there were complaining, “Get these women out of here! We’re trying to make a car, we are trying to do our work.”   They didn’t stop the line they would just make us jump on and off as it was moving. We walked through the paintline we walked through where they put the tires on and everything.  We got a firsthand view of just how cars are made, and they made this car in the 2 minutes and 54 seconds we sang Nowhere to Run.”

Eddie Holland the one of the songwriter’s for Nowhere to Run even used metallic parts to get the unique sound in the song;

We went to the garage in the back of the studio.  There was old chains back there, and we wanted something that would give a different clacking sound.  Then you start putting on the beat “clank, clang, clang.”

“He held that chain and beat until his hand actually bleed, making the sound that you hear and the rhythm.” said  Martha Reeves.  So they really worked hard to get a metallic sound for Nowhere to Run.  It worked when they shot the video on the Ford Mustang assembly line.

Martha and the Vandellas more famous songs are probably Dancing in the Street, Heat Wave, and Jimmy Mack.  However Nowhere to Run is a well known and respected song of this Motown group.

Nowhere to Run – Behind the Scenes

Anyway, Happy Birthday to the Ford Mustang.  Hope the Mustang is around for another 50 years.  I hope you liked this little juicy tidbit of Detroit car and music history.  Let me know what you think of the music video and if you like this post please share it.

As a side note if you haven’t seen the documentary “Standing in the Shadows of Motown” you MUST rent it or watch it immediately.  It’s about the legendary Funk Brothers who were the musicians who played on ALL of the Motown songs.  It is a must watch for fans of Motown music or any musician out there.

Toyota sold 1.22 million Corollas in 2013

toyota corollaThe Toyota Corolla is the best selling car of all time and it seems that will not change anytime soon.  Toyota announced that global sales for the Toyota Corolla hit a record 1.22 million units in 2013.  The data was taken Toyota’s internal data based on individual vehicle sales and reports from distributors of the Corolla from all around the world.

For Toyota and their best selling car, the Corolla, this represents a 5 percent increase from 2012.  As we all know the Corolla’s popularity is strong among people in 150 countries and regions all over the globe and is hard to beat since the car is so damn reliable, sturdy, and easy to fix.  In Afghanistan “Corollas are Forever” with almost 90% of the  cars on the roads being used Corollas from other countries.

“The Corolla stands as the international face of Toyota and touches millions of people across the globe every day,” said Bill Fay, Toyota division group vice president and general manager.  “Being the world’s best-selling car speaks volumes about the satisfaction and loyalty our customers feel about the Corolla and Toyota.”  Of course is that Corolla and Toyota loyalty or just the fact there is no other car as good as a Toyota Corolla?

Thanks to the recent Corolla redesign, which includes better design cues and elements along with improved fuel economy, the Corolla’s worldwide sales since its introduction since 1966 are over 40.72 million units as of February 2014.  This makes the Toyota Corolla the best-selling car of all time.  Outselling the VW Golf, Ford Mustang, and and VW Beetle.  (The Honda Super Cub is the best selling motorized vehicle of all time.  Honda has sold over 60+ million of these motorcycles all over the world.)

Based on Toyota’s analysis new vehicle registration data the Corolla has retain the title as the best selling car for 2013.  Global Toyota Corolla registrations were 1,098,524 million, which is a whole lot of Corollas.

This figure includes  all models and variations of the Corolla which includes the Corolla Axio, Corolla Altis and Corolla EX 4-door sedans.  The subscripts “Axio” “Altis” and “EX” denote trim levels of the 4-door Corolla sedan sold in various global regions, including Japan.  Also included are the Corolla-badged Fielder and Rumion 5-door wagons.

In the US alone the new Toyota Corolla sold more than 300,000 units in 2013, a 4 percent increase over 2012.  Toyota stresses that in 2013, 97 percent of all Corollas sold in the U.S. were built in North America.  So the world’s best selling car is made in America too.

Epic Flame Battle: Lamborghini vs McLaren

 Lamborghini vs Mclaren

Ever wondered what a Flame Battle with a Lamborghini vs McLaren would look like?  Probably not, but that’s why Youtube is awesome.

This video shows a flame battle between two supercars that are favorites among the gearhead crowd, the Lamborhini Aventador and the McLaren MP4-12c.   Just as a reminder the McLaren MP4-12c is fitted with a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 that producers 616 horsepower and the the raging Lamborghini Aventador has a 6.5-liter V12 engine which produces 700 horsepower.

Which supercar will rein supereme in this supercar flame battle and make bigger and better exhaust flames?  The raging Italian or the British bombshell?  Watch the video to find out.

McLaren MP412C & Lamborghini Aventador FLAME BATTLE

Spring Event 2014. This McLaren MP4-12C from Cars and Business founder and reviewer of several television programs and automotive websites can also spit some nasty flames when it’s hot! The MP4-12C has got Akrapovic exhausts for the extra brutal sound! The Aventador is stock. But we all know that every Aventador can spit flames. The result? Two crazy owners revving their Supercars to the max for an epic flameshow!

What flamethrower would be your choise?
My camera had some difficulties trying to focus at the second MP4-12C Flame scene. Too bad, but you still see the HUGE flames!

Happy Birthday Jeremy Clarkson!

Today is April 11th and it happens to be Jeremy Clarkson’s birthday.  Since he is the most loved and celebrated Top Gear host I thought I would just wish a Happy Birthday to Jeremy Clarkson.  He turns 54 today if you can believe it.  Do you think he seems older or younger than 54?

happy birthday jeremy clarkson

Other people who were born on April 11th include the Brazilain supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, which is honestly better than any Top Gear host, and British singer Joss Stone.

If you would also like to wish Jeremy Clarkson a Happy Birthday please leave a comment below.  Let me know what your favorite Clarkson quote or epic Top Gear moment is.